Fencing Artifacts

Stygian Abyss

Where the source is shown in red the item is no longer spawning

Fencing Weapons



Blackthorn’s Kryss Kryss Museum Collection
Blade of Battle Shortblade Stygian Abyss
Briar Thorn Whip Treasures of Fey Wrath
Claws of the Berserker Tekagi Stygian Abyss
Cold Forged Blade Elven Spellblade Craftable Artifact
Craven Dual Pointed Spear BMV Ararat
Darkened Sky Kama ToT Greater
Demon Forks Sai ToT Lesser
Demon Hunter’s Standard Spear Stygian Abyss
Dreads Revenge Kryss Dreadhorn
Drusilla’s Athame Kryss/Gargoyle Kryss Event Arc
Enchanted Titan Leg Bone Short Spear Paragon/chest
Fang of Ractus Kryss Replica
Flesh Ripper Assassin Spike ML Minor
Hailstorm Warfork Despise (Covetous on Siege)
Jade War Axe War Axe Stygian Abyss
Knight’s Kiss Dagger Paragon/chest
Lerei’s Hunting Spear Spear or Dual Pointed Spear Valley of Eodon
Life Syphon Bloodblade Stygian Dragon
Luna Lance Lance Paragon/chest
Oblivion’s Needle Dagger Replica
Pacify Pike Replica
Raed’s Glory War Cleaver ML Minor
Rune Carving Knife Assassin Spike Craftable Artifact
Serpent’s Fang Kryss Doom Gauntlet
Spiked Whip Whip Krampus Encounter
Standard of Chaos Double Bladed Staff
or Dual Pointed Spear
Stygian Abyss
Stone Dragon’s Tooth Gargish Dagger Medusa
The Dragon Slayer Lance (UBWS) Doom Gauntlet
The Taskmaster Warfork Doom Gauntlet
Vorpal Blade Kryss Event Arc