Jewelry Artifacts


Where the source is shown in red the item is no longer spawning




Alchemist’s Abomination Bracelet Events
Alchemist’s Bauble Bracelet Paragon/Chest
Ankh Pendant Necklace Virtue Artifacts
Artisan’s Esteem Ring Events
Bracelet of Health Bracelet Doom Gauntlet
Bracelet of Primal Consumption Bracelet Doom Gauntlet
Bracelet of Protection Bracelet Covetous
Burning Amber Ring Stygian Dragon
Compassion’s Eye Ring Despise (Covetous on Siege)
Crystaline Ring Ring ML Peerless
Demon Bridle Ring Ring Stygian Abyss
Djinni’s Ring Ring Replica
Dragon Jade Earring Gargoyle Earrings Stygian Abyss
Dr. Spector’s Lenses Glasses Treasures of the Kotl City
Enchanted Coral Bracelet Bracelet High Seas
Essence of Battle Ring Craftable Artifact
Etoild Bleue Ring(set) Clean Up
Hygieia’s Amulet Necklace Exodus Encounter
Jade Armband Bracelet Replica
Katalkotl’s Ring Ring Treasures of the Kotl City
Lavaliere Necklace Slasher of Veils
Lune Rouge Ring (set) Clean Up
Obsidian Earrings Gargoyle Earrings Stygian Abyss
Ornament of the Magician Bracelet Doom Gauntlet
Nova Bleue Bracelet (set) Clean Up
Pendant of the Magi Necklace Craftable Artifact
Petrified Matriarch’s Tongue Ring Event Arc
Resillient Bracer Bracelet Craftable Artifact
Ring of the Elements Ring Doom Gauntlet
Ring of the Soulbinder Ring High Seas
Ring of Vile Ring Doom Gauntlet
Soleil Rouge Bracelet (set) Clean Up
Sterling Silver Ring Ring Treasures of
Token of Holy Favor Bracelet Stygian Abyss
Torc of the Guardians Gargoyle Necklace Stygian Abyss
Venom Bracelet Medusa/Navrey Night Eyes
Yukio’s Glass Earrings Earrings Events