Shield Artifacts

Where the source is shown in red the item is no longer spawning




Aegis Heater Doom Gauntlet
Arcane Shield Tear Kite Doom Gauntlet
Boura Tail Shield Tear Kite Ter Mur Boura
Chaos Shield – Museum of Vesper Replica Chaos Shield Museum Collection
Defender of the Magus Metal shield Stygian Abyss
Dragon Hide Shield Gargish Kite Shield Stygian Abyss
Dupre’s Shield Chaos Shield 8th Anniversary (Heritage Token)
Grugor’s Shield Wooden Shield or Small Wooden Shield Valley of Eodon
Hephaestus Heater/Large Plate Covetous
Light’s Rampart Metal shield Replica
Lord Blackthorn’s Exemplar Chaos Shield Virtue Artifacts
Maleki’s Honor Metal Kite Shield Juggernaut Set
Mystic’s Guard Small Wooden Shield SA Stealable
Order Shield – Museum of Vesper Replica Order Shield Museum Collection
Pillar of Strength Large Stone Shield Stygian Abyss
Plane Shield Metal Kite Shield Event Arc
Resonant Shield of Vengeance Bronze Shield/Gargish Wooden Shield Quest Reward
Sentinel’s Guard Order Shield Virtue Artifacts
Shield of Invulnerability Order Shield Paragon/Chest
Sign of Chaos Chaos Shield Slasher of Veils
Sign of Order Order Shield Stygian Dragon
Surge Shield Bronze Shield Treasure (buried)
Tongue of the Beast Tear Kite Replica
Wall of Hungry Mouths Heater Shield Stygian Abyss