Eleventh Year Collection

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The Eleventh Year Collection, originally brought out to celebrate the eleventh anniversary, is still available from Origin Store. Unlike the Spring Decor token or Heritage token which only allow one item to be chosen from the list of available items, the eleventh collection token gives the complete set. Only in the case of the Earrings of Protection must a choice be made.

On entering the product code into the help menu in game a single token is placed in the backpack, the master token. Double clicking this replaces the single token with 3 further tokens. Each of these tokens represents a group of items, they are labelled ‘Addons’ ‘Deco Items’ and ‘Miscs’. When doubleclicked a further group of tokens is produced, one representing each item. These will produce the actual item when double clicked with the exception of the protection earrings, where a selection gump will appear.

eleventh-snowtree Snow Tree eleventh-maple Maple Tree
eleventh-willow Willow Tree eleventh-fallen-log
Fallen Log

  • choice of directions
  • Functions as a seat
Deco Items
eleventh-bookcase Bookcase
(shows empty until an item is placed in it).
eleventh-lamp-post Lamp Post (Round)
double click to light
eleventh-ancestral-gravestone Ancestral Gravestone

  • Must be locked down
  • Summons an undead with a prayer message (briefly)
  • Gives +5 spirit speak for several minutes
  • 90 minute cooldown
eleventh-hitching-post Hitching Post

  • Re-charged by a hitching rope
  • No charges used when stabling pet
  • One charge used when claiming pet
  • Hitching rope made by Tinker
eleventh-book-covers Bulk Order Book Covers

  • Cover your books to color code them
  • 30 applications per roll
  • 3 leather and 9 metal colors
eleventh-armor-engrave Armor Engraving Tool

  • 30 charges
  • Not rechargeable
eleventh-earring-protection Earrings of Protection

  • Choose one of five
  • (physical, fire, cold, poison, energy)
  • Gives +2 resist in the chosen resist type
  • Blessed (Not Siege or Mungen)