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Wearable Halloween costumes allow players to appear as a number of creatures, though it does not give any of the creature’s powers or abilities. Costumes equip to a character’s right hand slot and always include the spell channelling property.
A Mystical Polymorph Totem can be obtained from Ultima Store. This item can be combined with a single standard Halloween costume to change the user’s appearance without using an equipment slot. The totem can be dyed with regular, pigment, and natural dyes.

The original five costumes were first obtained by giving Tomas O’Neerlan a red crystallized essence, one of three possible quest rewards for the Halloween quest of 2009.

More costumes were added in publish 63, December 2009 when Sarah the Trader offered to trade any remaining red crystallized essence or any of the original costumes for different ones.

Costumes can also be obtained from Clean Up Britannia (giant toad and zombie only), the Stygian Abyss mini-champ, Acid Elemental [Renowned] and the Khal Ankur Champion spawn in Khaldun.
This alphabetical list of currently existing costumes was supplied by Cinderella of Sonoma

Crimson DrakeCyclopsDragon WolfDrake
Dream WraithEthereal WarriorExodus MinionFire Elemental
GazerGiant PixieGiant ToadGore Fiend
GorillaJukaLady of the SnowLion
Maddening HorrorMeerMinotaurMongbat
OgreOniOphidian MatriarchOphidian Warrior
PixiePlatinum DrakeRaptorSabre Tooth Tiger
SatyrSkittering HopperSolen WarriorSpider
Shadow WyrmSkeletonStygian DrakeTerathan Warrior
TitanVoid WandererWispWolf Spider