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Possible Gifts

1999 Commemorative Plate (obtained by players at kiosks in Brittain and Vesper).
Happy 300th Anniversary! Gift Bags: a crystal ball (ask & be answered), commemorative coin, Jaana’s Hangover remedy, a fireworks wand
2002 5th Anniversary Cake
2003 Happy 6th Anniversary! Gift Bags:
Birthday Bells, a birthday cake, a fireworks wand
2004 7th Anniversary Collection
2005 8th Anniversary Collection
2006 9th Anniversary Gift Box:
A Crystal or Shadow Furniture Set piece, A 9th Anniversary Coin
2007 Gift box, Heritage Token (2),
10th Anniversary Fireworks Wand, 10th Anniversary Sculpture
2009 12th Anniversary Gift Bag, 12th Anniversary Cake , Codex of Virtue, Silver Sapling Replica, Ultima Banner, Mailbox, 12th Anniversary Clock
2010 A White Leather Dye Tub, A Display Case, One of 3 types of Grandfather Clock, One of 4 types of Planter
2011 A White Leather Dye Tub, A Mannequin Deed, A Virtue Tapestry Deed, One of 3 types of Grandfather Clock, A Display Case facing South or East, One of 4 types of Planter
2012 15th Anniversary Gift Bag, An Anniversary Muffin, An Harpsichord Roll (
Anvil Strike In Minoc ) , Heritage Token, Harpsichord Deed, A 15th Anniversary Cake, Sands Of Sosaria
2013 16th Anniversary Bag 16th Anniversary Horses, 6th Anniversary Silver Serving Tray, Happy Anniversary! Card , Staghorn Fern, Elephant Ear Dieffenbachia, Enormous Venus Flytrap, Japanese Maple
2014 17th Anniversary Bag, Marble Bar (3 styles), Personally Engraved Broadsword, Bar Sign, Ornately Embroidered Towel
2015 18th Anniversary Bag, Ornately Decorated Commemorative Plate, a Card, Sundial, recipe for a short/tall 18th Anniversary Vase
2016 (token)an anniversary card, an amaryllis plant, a recipe for a bronze globe sculpture, weathered bronze man on a bench sculpture, weathered bronze fairy sculpture or weathered bronze archer sculpture
2017 Confetti Cannon, fires a confetti bomb into the air when used. Platinum Dragon Statue, animates when used and is engraved with 1 of 30 different events throughout Britannia’s history. Codex of Virtue Deed, Ultima Banner Deed, Scroll of Alacrity Book, Scroll of Transcendence Book, Powerscroll Book, Sands of Sosaria, updated with Earth Years 2013-2016, Ask and Answer Ball, Sweet 16 Anniversary Pony Mount, Display Case (South), Display Case (East), White Leather Dyetub, Harpsichord Deed, Shadow Token, Crystal Token
2018 (token)an anniversary card, brass orrery or telescope; Collectibles available from the “Personal Study” of some of Britannia’s most notable characters, with a rare chance from your character’s personal study! The Orrery can be activated and deactivated by double clicking. The Orrery can be dyed with a metallic dyetub, natural dyes, and promotional dyes. The telescope allows viewing the night sky and a copy of Willebrord’s Astronomy book is included when claiming this item.
2019 (Token)Copper Wings – Symbolizing Glory During 1 of 26 famous battles in Britannian History
Copper Portrait Set – Relief of 1 of the pirates found throughout Britannia’s High Seas
Copper Sunflower – Cast From Flowers Grown in the Warm Sun of 1 of 27 locations through Britannia
Copper Ship Relief – Depicting the Maiden Voyage of 1 of 18 different ships from Britannia’s History
Rare chance to receive an “Antique” version of one of the above which sets a special hue and item property on the gift item
2020 (Token)Silver Plated Lamppost – randomly delivered as 1 of 4 types of lamp posts that can be turned on and off and functions as a colored light source.
Silver Plated Bubbling Cauldron – blessed house addon deed that has a rare chance to be delivered in 1 of 7 rare hues, otherwise is a random common hue.
Silver Plated Tome – can be turned in 4 directions using the Interior Decorator, randomly named as the “Tale of…” with a random nobility title and city name. Rare chance to be delivered in 1 of 6 random hues, otherwise is a random common hue.
2021 (Token) Opal Encrusted Mobius, Opal Standing Harp or Ornamental Opal. Each Hand set by jewelers at [name of a town jeweler’s shop] in a selection of common and rare varieties
2022 (Token)Silver Anniversary Shield bears the inscription, September 24, 1997 – the date Ultima Online launched.
(when 2 x clicked when double clicked, will display a stylized version of the Ultima Online Charter Edition Box art with an anniversary inscription along with a musical accompaniment of Stones), Silver Intoxicating Liquor, (skull shaped bottle, when 2 x clicked will inebriate the imbiber. The bottle is available in 11 common and 1 rare hue.), Silver Anniversary Tome
(when 2 x clicked will display a randomized scene of Britannian landscape as well as play a musical accompaniment appropriate to the scene. The tome also bears an inscription displaying the shard name the tome was redeemed as well as the date that shard went live.)