Christmas Gifts

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Possible Gifts

1997 black leather gloves, also called Santa Gloves, stolen from Santa Claus
Holiday Gift Bags: (positive notoriety)
Seasons Greetings (card), bunch of dates, a champagne glass, a fireworks wand, a full bottle of champagne, a full bottle of eggnog, a wrist watch
Holiday Gift Bags: (negative notoriety)
Maybe next year you will get a nicer gift (card), coal, spam, switches
1998 Black Dye Tub, Hairstlye Deed, Random Piece of Ranger Armor, Spyglass, Fireworks Wand, Deed for a Holiday Tree
1999 A clothing bless deed, a deed for a holiday tree, a deed for a potted plant, a fireworks wand, a holiday timepiece, a pile of snow
2000 Holiday Bells, a deed for a holiday tree, a pile of snow, Snow Globe (snowy scene of {town})
2001 Deed for a Holiday Tree, Pile of Snow, Random holiday statue, Random holiday snow globe
2002 Deed for a Holiday Tree, Pile of Snow, Holiday Statues, Holiday Timepiece, Snow Globe
2003 gift box: Poinsettia (red flowers), pile of snow, holiday wreath, snow flake, snowman
2004 gift box: mistetoe, Light of Winter Solstice Candles, winter themed potted plant, glacial snow
2005 gift box: soulstone fragement token, deed for a holiday tree, snow globe, sleigh, reindeer
2006 stocking: gingerbread cookies, gingerbread cookie recipe, gingerbread mini-house deed, candy canes, a card, pile of snow
2007 stocking: gingerbread cookies, gingerbread cookie recipe, gingerbread mini-house deed, candy canes, a card, pile of snow
2008 Gift box: A Pot of Eggnog, An Icy Patch, Decorative Snow Piles, A Holiday Garland, A Deed For A Holiday Tree
2009 Gift Box: A Pot of Eggnog, Set of Icicles, Sm or Lrg Nutcracker, Snow Statues, A Deed For A Holiday Tree
2010 Gift Box, Rocking Horse, Holiday Fireflies, A Deed For A Holiday Tree
2011 Santa Statue, Customizable Rounded Door Mat, Customizable Squared Door Mat, Customizable Wall Sign, Scrolls of Transcendence Book
2012 small pouch: Metallic Cloth Dye Tub, Poinsettia, Grass / Snow Tiles, Festive Tree, Winter Tree, Infested Tree
2013 Giftbox, Candle Tray, Claw Foot Tub, A Lobster Dinner Prepared By ______ , Scrolls Of Alacrity Book
2014 Gift Box, Power Scroll Book, deed for a fireplace, coffee grinder, steam powered beverage maker
2015 (token) Recipe for a chocolate nutcracker, Mannequin Deed, Potted Snowfluff Tree, Recipe for a Runic Atlas
2016 (token) Mosaic Tile Set, Decorative Sleigh & Reindeer, Snowy Holiday Tree, Box of Grass Tiles, Box of Snow Tiles, Box of Sand Tiles
2017 (token) Holiday Bells, Holiday Ribbon, Candy Cane, Firefly Garland (Animated item that is also a light source, Jewelry Box (House add on that must be locked down to use. Can be dyed with furniture dyes, natural dyes, and pigments. Holds up to 500 pieces of jewelry and requires 1 lockdown)
2018 (token)Poinsetta, Gingerbread cookie, special edition Town Crier, Wreath, Candle lit Holiday Sign, Recipe book
2019 (token)Holiday Wall Art, Dove Cage, Jolly Holiday Tree
2021 (clicky)Batik Wall Art, Scented Candles