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Smuggler’s edge is a spell channeling, use best weapon skill butcher knife with 30% swing speed increase and the unique property ‘Monster Stealing’ bought from Ultima Store at a cost of 400 sovereigns . It cannot be imbued and power of fortifying cannot be used on it. When wielded it gives a chance to steal an item when you hit a monster in Felucca dungeons or at Champion Spawns (ie the same locations as listed in the page Stealing From Monsters).  A chance to steal a special item will occur in 5% of these stealing attempts.

When you succeed in stealing an item, and the special chance occurs, your stealing skill is temporarily set between 80.0 and 110.0(random). If your actual stealing skill is under 100.0 and temporary stealing skill is also under 100.0, your rare item stealing will fail due to insufficient skill.

If, however your actual stealing skill is 100.0 or more, it serves as the minimum guaranteed skill, and the higher value is adopted. Actual stealing skill grants a bonus to the percentage chance of a rare item.

  • 100.0-109.9: +1%
  • 110.0-119.9: +2%
  • 110.0-119.9: +3%

In addition to the existing special items listed in the page linked above, the following two rare items can be stolen only when using a smuggler’s edge.

Smuggler’s Lantern:  
A lantern with spell channelling available in 100 colors

Smuggler’s Tool Box:  
When double clicked the tool box will produce 5-12 lockpicks at a cost of 1 charge. Charges are replenished at a rate of 1 per 24 hours (Max: 10 charges).