Undertaker’s Staff

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The undertaker’s staff is available from Ultima Store at a cost of 500 sovereigns. This gnarled staff allows a character to retrieve a corpse from difficult situations, transporting the corpse to the character’s current location under the following conditions:

  • The corpse is your own corpse.
  • The corpse exists on same sub-server.
  • You do not have a criminal flag
  • The corpse has not been summoned more than three times
  • The corpse is not empty

In pvp the following conditions also apply:

  • You are not flagged aggressor to other players.
  • If the character was killed by a player a 3 minute timer is initiated, delaying the summoning attempt.

The staff has 100 charges and context menu which offers a choice of “Summon most recent corpse only” or “summon all corpses”(*default), a successful summoning using either option will consume one charge. The maximum number of corpses that may be summoned at one time is 15. If summoning fails the charge isn’t consumed. The item is blessed (except on Siege Perlious and Mugen shards) but will be destroyed when/if it reaches 0 charges. It cannot be imbued.