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This item bought for 2000 sovereigns from Ultima Store is significantly different to the Veteran Reward Shard Transfer Shield in that you may take unstabled followers with you, either mounts or pack animals up to your allowed 5 follower slots. Claim the token on the shard you plan to leave with the character you plan to move.

Transfer Rules

  • You must be in a safe location to transfer: your house, an inn, a house you co own or are friended to
  • You cannot be mounted
  • You cannot be dead
  • If the character has Young Status it must be renounced
  • If the character is in Vice versus Virtue you must resign and wait the 3 day quitting period.
  • You must have a free character slot on the destination shard
  • You must be in your default body, ie not using shape or name altering items or spells
  • You cannot be poisoned, paralyzed or casting spells
  • You cannot be using the ‘customize’ menu of your house.
  • You must not be combat or criminal flagged
  • You may not transfer items with the designation ‘Shard Bound’, this includes dungeon points from Treasures events where the items handed in to claim the points are shard bound.
  • You cannot be in a Party
  • Your destination shard must be available to transfer to. ie not undergoing maintenance, running the same publish and eligible for transfer. Siege and Mugen are not eligible destinations
  • Gold on the shard is accessible to all characters of the account, if you wish to take some, or all, of it with you to the new shard you will need to put it into the character’s transfer account as detailed on the page Money

What Transfers

  • Your Name, Appearance, Skills, Stats and Reputation (Murder Counts, Fame & Karma)
  • Virtue Points and titles
  • Clean up Britannia Points
  • Dungeon Points (excluding points from ‘shard bound’ treasures event drops)
  • Loyalty Points
  • Any title you character is entitled to from champ spawns, events, quests or other source.
  • Any currently active quest
  • Everything your character is holding, wearing or has equipped
  • Everything in your backpack
  • Everything in your bankbox
  • Every pet in your stable
  • Every mount or pack animal standing with you that is under the command ‘all follow me’
  • The contents of the packs your pack animals

What Does Not Transfer

  • Your house, and any owned vendors or barkeeps. The house remains owned by the account.
  • Your Guild affiliation
  • Links to Binding Bracelets and Pet Summoning Balls. You will have to re-link your Pets after the move
  • Your Character Data (copy/move your character’s file to the new shard’s folder in the ‘user data’ folder of your PC to avoid needed to re-create all macros)
  • Any ‘stored’ target, example runebook defaults.
  • The account’s gold, unless put into the character’s transfer account.

Caution: “Legacy” House placement deeds cannot be transferred. They will turn into a house placement tool

Performing the Transfer

Prepare carefully, make sure you are not overweight, perhaps place heavy items in your bank box. Make sure everything you want to take with you has been packed and nothing left in a house’s secures. Ensure that pack animals have been commanded to follow you. Pack animals obeying the “stay” command may be left behind. If you intended to take any gold with you ensure it is in the character’s transfer account.

Once you started the transfer dialog you can stop at any time until you hit that last confirmation “Transfer me!” but there will be a delay before you can re-start.

Double clicking the token will cause you to be frozen, hidden, squelched and invulnerable to attack.
Everything, including your character’s clothing, will be moved into a special “transfer crate”. Double check all your boxes, pack animals and stabled pets in the crate, there is still time to stop if you find there’s something missing.

When absolutely sure you have everything, choose your destination shard (if the shard is unavailable for any reason you will have to wait).
Finally click on the button ‘Transfer me!’

The character will be logged out and you will not be able to log into either your destination shard or your original shard until the transfer has completed, approximately 30 minutes (All unaffected shards will be available).

When the transfer is complete you will again be able to log in. The transferred character will appear on the character selection screen of the new shard and be gone from the list of the old shard.


Logging into your new shard, your packing crate will open for you to unpack. Two boxes are already unpacked for you, your bank and stable. Use the context menus (right click) on the remaining containers and pets and select ‘unpack container’ or ‘unpack pet’.
Your transfer crate must be emptied within 7 Days or anything you had in the crate will be lost.