Feeling lucky today?

Luck is a stat that can be found on equipment as well as obtained from certain promotional items. When triggered, a luck boost can increase the number and/or the quality of the loot items dropped.


Luck on crafted items can be obtained through:

This can be raised by enhancing with special materials; Spined leather, gold ingots, gold granite and oak boards each add 40 luck to weapons and armor with a successful enhance. Bloodwood can add 40 luck to a shield or 20 to a fishing pole. Heartwood has luck as one of the random properties it can add.


Luck on randomly generated monster loot appears always in increments of 10.
Luck is also a property on many items from the various artifact collections, clean up rewards and community collections. These items have been collated into a list here.

Luck Bonuses

  • The Virtue Artifact 10th Anniversary sculpture can be used (double clicked) once per 24 hours and grants a luck bonus for one hour. This bonus is 200 plus 50 for each year of account age.
  • Bushido ability perfection gives a luck bonus determined by the bushido skill and the level of perfection achieved
  • Honor virtue also boosts this bonus. When fighting an honored opponent your effective Luck level is boosted by ten percent of your squared perfection score. At it’s maximum this score is 100, so therefore the best luck bonus is (100^2)/10 = 1000.
  • Dungeon Chests and Khaldun Puzzle Chests have loot influenced with a random luck value between 0 and 240.
  • Loot generated in Felucca has a 1000 point luck bonus applied to it.
  • Harvesting saltpeter in Felucca applies a 1000 point luck bonus.
  • The sphynx can, rarely, grant a luck bonus

Systems Affected by Luck

Luck will affect the following systems,

  • Treasure Chest Loot
  • SoS Chests
  • Monster Loot
  • Dredging Hooks
  • Mining for Saltpeter
  • Quest Rewards
  • Trick or Treat Begging
  • Artifact drops from:
    • Shadowguard
    • Ilshenar Paragons
    • Halloween ‘treasures of’ events

The way luck influences each of these systems varies, but generally the better the luck you have, the better your chances at achieving more of a particular reward, achieving a reward based on your loot roll, achieving a rare reward, or getting additional chances at more rewards.

How is luck chosen

For Treasure Chest & SoS Chest luck is taken from the individual who recovers the chest at the time the chest is created, which, for treasure hunting, is when they begin the digging process successfully.

For randomly generated monster loot Luck is chosen at random from individuals on the looting rank list. This list is determined by a composite measure of damage dealt, damage received, and damage healed by all attackers. Example: Player A and Player B defeat a monster. Player A is in a group with three people but only player A has luck. Player B is not in a group, and has no luck. The system randomly picks one player from the players on the looting rank list (Player A or Player B) and looks at their luck to determine loot strength. Additionally, player A has a chance to receive extra items based on the total luck of his group. (newsletter April, 2016)

For Dredging Hooks, luck is taken from the individual who uses the hook.

For Saltpeter mining, the miner’s luck is taken into consideration.

For Quest Rewards, luck is taken from the individual completing the quest.

For Trick or Treat begging, luck is taken from the individual doing the begging.

For Artifact drops, luck is taken from each individual as they roll for a reward.