Publish 104 – Rising Tide

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TC Release 1 – 2/6/2019

TC Release 2 – 2/15/2019

TC Release 3 – 2/22/2019

TC Release 4 – 3/5/2019

Origin, Izumo, and Baja Release – 3/12/2019

World Wide Release – 3/19/2019

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Rising Tide

  • Visit the Town Cryer to read about the latest on The Guild’s rise on the High Seas!
  • Battle against ships and the fortified plunderbeacon to recover Maritime Trade Cargo!
  • Sell Maritime Trade Cargo for Doubloons to the Pirate Merchant on Buc’s Den or deliver the cargo to a City Trade minister to fund the city’s coffers!
  • Purchase rewards from the Pirate Merchant with doubloons, with new rewards being added each month the event is active!

Ultima Store Items

  • Update to the House Teleporter!  Now you can set which type of object the teleporter displays as!  Choose from new switches and a trap door!  Access the context menu to change the type.
    • This change is available for all purchased house teleporter tiles, even if you have already purchased one!
  • Decorative Kitchen Set – Enjoy this beautiful kitchen set to spruce up your cooking space!
    • Included Items
      • China Cabinet
      • Pie Safe
      • Butcher Block
      • Wash Basin
      • Countertops
      • Wood Stove
    • Use a variety of dyetubs, dyes, and pigments to customize the color of your kitchen set!
    • The wash basin works as a water container!
    • The wood stove functions as a source of fire for cooking and alchemy!

Veteran Rewards

  • New veteran rewards have been added to the veteran reward system!
  • Water Wheel – 10th Year
    • House addon that can be placed on existing house addon water features, such as the koi pond
    • Functions as a water source
  • Tinker Bench – 7th Year
    • Power tool for tinkering that allows tinkering
    • Stores up to 5000 charges
  • Repair Bench – 5th Year
    • House addon that can store and use repair deeds from all crafting systems
    • Stores up to 500 charges per skill
  • Embroidery Tool – 4th Year
    • Can be used to embroider clothing items
    • Recharge via NPC tinkers
  • Statuettes – can be turned on & off by double clicking and play a sound when approached
    • Krampus – 1st Year
    • Khal Ankur – 2nd Year
    • Krampus Minion – 3rd Year

Ship Cannon Crafting & Firing Update

  • Harvesting saltpeter in Felucca now applies a 1000 point luck bonus where it previously did not.
  • Alchemists who sell saltpeter have been added to the Moonglow & Britain docks.
  • Match & Matchchord have been removed from alchemy crafting and are no longer needed in the cannon use process.
    • The match can still be used to fire a cannon
    • Match & match chord can be turned in for Cleanup Britannia points
  • Crafting potash no longer requires water as an ingredient, instead crafters must be near a water source which includes  the water trough, water tub, water barrel, bucket of water, fountain of life, sinks, dragon tubs, dragon turtle fountains, koi ponds, and the water wheel.
  • Potash now functions as a “make all” item and will craft as much as possible based on available ingredients.
  • The following changes have been made to existing cannon resources,
    • “light” and “heavy” powder charges are now simply “powder charge”
    • “light” and “heavy” cannonballs are now simply “cannonball”
    • “light” and “heavy” grapeshot is now simply “grapeshot”
    • “light” and “heavy” frost and flame cannonballs are now simply “frost cannonball” and “flame cannonball”
    • updated tileart for powder charge to make it more visually distinctive from cannonballs
    • updated tileart for grapeshot to make it more visually distinctive from powder charges
  • The following changes have been made to cannons & associated resources,
    • All existing cannons must be dismantled and replaced before use after Publish 104 is deployed. 
    • The “light cannon” is now known as “culverin”
    • The “heavy cannon” is now known as “carronade”
    • Polished art assets for cannons to make them more visually distinctive
    • The metallic dyetub can now be used on placed cannons to hue them
    • Cannons are now containers, resources for firing cannons can be placed inside them in what is referred to as the “magazine”
  • The following changes have been made to the cannon firing process,
    • Cleaning a cannon is no longer required and the swab has been removed from tinkering.  Existing swabs can be turned in for Cleanup Britannia points.
    • When double clicking a cannon the firing control has two options “PREP” and “FIRE”
      • A player must be within 2 tiles to execute this action
    • Place cannon firing resources inside the magazine and push the “PREP” button to begin the cannon firing process.  Resources will be taken from the magazine.
      • Only 1 player may participate in preparing the cannon for firing.
    • Cannons will automatically move through each step in the “PREP” process so long as resources are present in the magazine.
      • This process will continue so long as the player is present on the ship, if the player leaves the ship the process will pause.
    • Cannons can now be fired with a match or a torch, as such torches will no longer auto-douse when placed in the backpack.

New Item Property – Last Parry Chance

  • When players parry any attack with a shield or weapon it will now display the last parry chance % on the item.

Bug Fixes

  • The interior decorator will no longer allow players to increase “house only” tiles pass their height restrictions.
  • Reduced lag within the Despise champion spawn.
  • Fixed any existing ranged weapons that had the Use Best Weapon property.
  • Resolved issue which allowed players to use gates while in the heat of battle.
  • Resolved issues with Carpentry, Fletching, and Tinkering BODs not being able to reach their maximum levels.
  • Players can now meditate while wearing the Krampus Minion Earrings.
  • Players can now imbue or reforge the Krampus Minion Hat.
  • Krampus Minion Hat, Krampus Minion Talons, and Krampus Minion Boots no longer use the prefix “green” when crafted from Barbed leather.
  • Resolved issues with boarding pirate ships that have been successfully defeated.
  • Resolved issue with Bushido Evasion cooldown not correctly starting at the end of the ability.
  • Resolved issue with disembarking from boats which could result in players teleporting to incorrect locations.
  • Resolved issue with cranes at the sea market not having collision.
  • Resolved issue with the sea market dock master not properly unstacking ship crates.
  • Resolved issue with the Undertaker’s Staff going on cooldown when a player is killed by a non PvP target.
  • Improved NPC ship path-finding AI.
  • Players can now mouse over damaged NPC Ships to view their health.
    • This has been removed due to current issues and will be re-examined in a future publish.
  • Resolved issue with NPC ship cargo decaying.
  • Improved messaging about the Lighthouse house add-on when players create an unlinked ship.
  • All looting from ships has been standardized. Mobs can be looted up to 8 tiles away.
  • Ships can now be refreshed when a player initiates mouse movement or opens the ship cargo hold.
  • Ships no longer inadvertently pick up objects on the bottom the ships.
  • Bamboo floor tiles will no longer inadvertently display all contents of a house.
  • Bug Fixes since Origin etc. Release
    • Resolved issue where Plunderbeacons could fire after the crew was dead
    • Resolved issue where Plunderbeacons would not award cargo to all eligible top attackers.
    • Resolved display issue with next page button in Vendor Search

Classic Client –

  • Removed snow.
  • Updated CliLocs.
  • Classic client crash fixes.
  • Added new large container gumps for barrels, drawers, armoires, and bookcases.
  • Added “Enable Legible Journal” option to the Classic Client under the display menu which makes any new journal text more legible.
  • Resolved issue with house placement in the Classic Client being centered relative to the play window rather than the cursor.
  • Updated the pet damage colors in the classic client to match the enhanced client.
  • Added castle contest winners to the house placement tool.

Enchanced Client –

  • Removed snow.
  • Updated CliLocs.
  • Enhanced client crash fixes.
  • All of the enhanced client crafting utility actions (Unravel, Imbue, Alter, Enhance, Repair, Smelt and Make Last) once again function as expected.
  • Added castle contest winners to the house placement tool.