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Test Center Release 1 – 4/18/2019

Test Center Release 2 – 5/15/2019

Treasure Map Update

This is the second implementation of our planned Treasure Map update.  Everything should be considered a work-in-progress and subject to change and/or removal.  This update does NOT represent the final implementation.

Please read below and participate in the discussion here

Updates Since Release 1

  • Resolved an issue where armoire style containers, including those from the Decorative Kitchen set could enter a broken state.
  • Rising Tide – resolved issue where excessive accessory spawn from plunderbeacons could cause issues with mob spawn in nearby encounters.
  • Resolved issue where maps held in a Davie’s Locker would not retain their converted status when removing/readding them to the locker.
  • Removed Barbarian treasure chest package and merged with Warrior treasure chest package.
  • Redistributed various equipment loot items to better match their associated treasure chest package type.
  • Moved special crafting materials to Artisan treasure maps.
  • At higher levels of cartography it is now more likely to dig up a standard chest than a rusty chest, with standard being guaranteed in Horde (4) and Trove (5) maps.
  • Resolved an issue where the Town Cryer quest “The Treasure Chase” would not progress properly and updated quest text to reflect new chest nomenclature.  Updated utility items provided via the quest.
  • Added Eodon maps as potential drops in paragon chests.
  • Youthful Treasure maps will retain their name, but will become decorative only.
  • Randomly generated magic equipment has had a quality pass, placing more weight on artifact-level intensities.
  • Luck once again factors into the generation of magical equipment found within Treasure Chests.
  • Increased the amount of Treasure Maps, Minor Artifacts, Alacrity Scrolls, Recipe Scrolls, Powerscrolls, Utility Items, and Transcendence Scrolls, guaranteeing a certain number of items will spawn based on Treasure Chest level.
  • Updated the tileart for MIBs to better distinguish from ale bottles.
  • New items can be fished up via MIBs prior the chests including,
    • 13 new paintings, can be dyed via furniture dye tubs
    • Ship in a Bottle
    • Porthole, can be dyed with metallic dyetub
    • Anchor, can be dyed with metallic dyetub
    • Anchor Chain, can be dyed with metallic dyetub
  • Increased the chances a MIB will turn into an Ancient SoS.
  • Ancient SoS fished up loot will now have the name of a shipwreck attached to it.
  • Updated turnin values for various cleanup Britannia items.  See updated table below.
  • Additional decorative items have been added to Treasure Chest loot (Cache and above),
    • Skull Floor house addon, can be dyed with regular, natural, and promotional dyes
    • Ancient decorative weapons that can be displayed on the sword display found in Tokuno
  • Additional Minor Artifacts have been added to Treasure Chest Loot,
    • Legendary Mapmaker’s Glasses
      • +1-5 Cartography Skill
  • New Equipment is available in Treasure Chest Loot (Cache and above)
    • Human/Elf and Gargish Skull Longsword
    • Human/Elf and Gargish Skull Gnarled Staff
    • Human/Elf and Gargish Octopus Necklace
    • Found as imbuable in Artisan Chests, randomly generated magical properties in all other chests.
  • Adjusted the size of Eodon Treasure Map spawn areas to reduce the likelihood of a chest location being unreachable.
  • Powerscrolls will now spawn in Felucca Treasure chests as 105 & 110s.
  • Fixed issue where some Treasure Chests would have little, or no loot beyond Gold & Gems.
  • Resolved issue where failed attempts at digging up a Treasure Chest could create a duplicate chest that would cause the previous chest to become abandoned.
  • Removed the T-Rex from spawning in Eodon Treasure Maps.
  • Auction safes & auction items will now be visible from outside a house.

Remove Trap & Treasure Chest Locks & Traps

This is the first iteration of these changes and are subject to change based on feedback.

Remove Trap Use

  • Detecting Hidden & Lockpicking are no longer pre-requisites for Remove Trap.
  • Remove Trap will no longer reveal a hidden player upon activation, however other systems that would otherwise reveal a hidden player will continue to do so.

Remove Trap Training

  • Remove Trap Training boxes are available for each of the three types of trap puzzles that can be encountered on a Treasure Chest.
  • Kits are available from the Britain Commons (these will be available for sale from an NPC in a future release).
  • Circuit Trap
    • Use the directional controls to complete the circuit.
    • The size of the grid will increase as Remove Trap skill increases.
  • Cylinder Trap
    • Correctly choose the sequence of cylinders.
    • Less hints will be given as Remove Trap skill increases.
  • Slider Trap
    • Correctly align the pieces to complete the image
    • Longer failure timeouts as you complete the puzzle as Remove Trap skill increases.

Treasure Chest Locks & Traps

  • Locks and traps have been reactivated on Treasure Chests.
  • Stash (1), Supply (2), and Cache (3) Treasure Chests,
    • Can be unlocked using Lockpicking or Magic Unlock, depending on skill
    • Can be untrapped using Remove Trap or Magic Untrap, depending on skill.
    • Are trapped with an explosion trap, that if activated via direct use or telekinesis will cause a large explosion damaging those nearby and some of the items inside the chest being destroyed.
  • Horde (4) and Trove (5) Treasure Chests,
    • Must be unlocked using the Lockpicking Skill.
    • Must be untrapped using Remove Trap.
    • Are trapped with 1 of 3 (circuit, cylinder, and slider) puzzle traps that must be disarmed before accessing the chest.
      • Circuit Trap – increased grid side with trap level, ability to use Remove Trap skill to decipher the path with higher Remove Trap skill
      • Cylinder Trap – increased number of hints with higher Remove Trap skill
      • Slider Trap – longer failure timeouts with higher Remove Trap skill
    • Failed attempts at unlocking the chests will result in an item being destroyed and/or a grubber spawning.
    • Failed attempts at disarming the puzzle trap will result in a chance at an item being destroyed, depending on Remove Trap skill, with a lesser chance the higher the Remove Trap skill.


As of release 1 the following updates have been made to treasure maps,

Treasure Map Levels & Availability

  • The number of levels of treasure maps has been reduced from 7 to 5 where,
Current LevelCurrent NameNew LevelNew Name
1Plainly Drawn1Stash
2Expertly Drawn2Supply
3Adeptly Drawn2Supply
4Cleverly Drawn3Cache
5Deviously Drawn3Cache
6Ingeniously Drawn4Horde
7Diabolically Drawn5Trove
  • In addition, treasure chests have now been themed based on the following profession inspired packages,
    • Mage, Assassin, Warrior, Artisan, Ranger
  • This results in a map that will read like this “A Tattered Treasures Map Leading to a Mage’s Horde”
  • Newly created maps will have their level set based on the new conventions.
    • No changes have been made to which creatures drop which maps.  If a creature previously dropped certain level maps, the maps will now be converted to the new convention as they drop.  This does not mean loot has been scaled down, read more about how loot has been redistributed in the loot section.
  • Existing maps will be converted to the new level conventions and have a package randomly assigned.
  • Cartography skill required to decode a map at a given level has been re-balanced to work with the new levels.
  • Mining is no longer required to gain a bonus to dig radius, instead this bonus is now based on Cartography skill.
  • Maps held in a Davies Locker will be converted to the new level conventions and have a package randomly assigned.  This does not apply to maps that have been completed.
  • Treasure Maps have been added to the Valley of Eodon.  Creatures will drop a map based on their overall difficulty.  Generally – the more difficult the creature, the higher the level of map that will drop.

Treasure Guardians & Encounter Difficulty

  • Treasure Maps that lead to a Stash, Supply, or Cache have been balanced for solo encounters while Hordes and Troves are more geared towards group encounters.
  • Treasure Map Guardian creatures have been redistributed where,
    • Level 1 -> Level 1
    • Level 2 & Level 3 -> Level 2
    • Level 4 & Level 5 -> Level 3
    • Level 6 -> Level 4
    • Level 7 -> Level 5

Treasure Chest Loot

  • Existing and new loot is available in Treasure Chest loot based on Facet & Package.  This will allow players to target specific items they are looking for in chests they know will have a chance to contain those items.
  • There are 4 factors that influence what items end up in a chest if succesful random rolls are made, Map Level, Profession Package, Chest Quality, and Facet.
    • Map Level is determined when a map is created based on where the map is obtained.
    • Profession Package is randomly assigned when a map is created.
    • Chest Quality is determined at dig time based on the digger’s modified cartography skill.
      • Chests come in three qualities represented visually by a rusty chest, a metal chest, and a gold chest.
      • Chest quality can impact chest loot in a variety of ways including the quantity of a specific loot item, the range of bonuses, the type of crafting materials, and the intensity of randomly generated magic equipment.
    • Facet is based on which facet the Treasure Map is located.
  • Chests have a chance to contain the following loot items based on level, package, and facet,
    • Gold & Gems in newly drawn gold & gem bags (all packages, all levels)
    • Randomly Generated Equipment (all packages, Cache and above)
      • The types of equipment are based on the package and facet which corresponds to the profession who might use the equipment and the facet based on when the item was released in the game.  For example, if you are looking for a dagger you may look at Assassin maps in Trammel or if you are after a Repeating Crossbow you would look at Ranger maps in Malas.
      • The quantity of randomly generated magic equipment has been reduced and the intensity has been increased.
      • The quantity of items available is based on the level of chest, there is a chance for additional items based on party size.
      • Luck factors into magical property generation as it does currently.
      • New Equipment (Cache and above)
        • Human/Elf and Gargish Skull Longsword
        • Human/Elf and Gargish Skull Gnarled Staff
        • Human/Elf and Gargish Octopus Necklace
        • Found as imbuable in Artisan Chests, randomly generated magical properties in all other chests.
    • Reagents in a newly drawn reagent bag (Mage Stash)
      • Type based on facet
    • Treasure Maps (All packages, up to Horde)
      • +1 over the current level of map
    • Refinements (Artisan Stash)
    • Minor Artifacts (All packages, Supply)
      • Legacy Minor artifacts & Pub 67 Artifacts
      • Legendary Cartography Glasses (+1-5 Cartography)
    • Scrolls of Alacrity (All packages, Supply)
      • Skill is based on package and facet
    • Special Crafting Materials (Artisan, Supply)
      • Essences, Mondain’s Legacy Ingredients available based on facet
    • Recipe Scrolls (Artisan Supply & Cache)
      • Legacy recipe scrolls
    • Powerscrolls (Felucca Only, All packages except Artisan, Horde and above)
      • Skill is based on package and level is based on chest quality up to +10
    • Decorative Items (All packages when available, Cache and above)
      • Legacy & New Decorative Items based on package and facet
      • New: Hourglass Table, Decorative Ancient Weapons
    • Utility Items (Assassin, Artisan, and Ranger Supply)
      • Legacy & New Utility Items based on package
      • New: Shield Engraving Tool
    • Scrolls of Transcendence (All packages, Stash)
      • Skill & value based on package and facet
    • Crafting Materials (Artisan Stash & Supply)
      • Wood, Metal, or Leather

Cleanup Britannia Update

Loads of new items added to Cleanup Britannia for turn in!  Please participate in the discussion here

Item:Turnin Point Value:
Valentine's Day Picnic Basket (2009)300
Valentines Day Champagne Flute (2015)300
Santa Statue (2011)300
(2011) Dragon Origami300
(2011) Rabbit Origami 300
Death Certificate 250
Crystal Ball of Knowledge200
Valentines Day Flowers (2013)150
Golden Goose (2013 Easter)150
Golden Goose Egg (2013 Easter)150
17th Anniversary Bar (2014)100
17th Anniversary Marble Bar (2014)100
17th Anniversary An Ornately Embroidered Hand Towel (2014)100
17th Anniversary Card (Broadsword)100
Marble Fireplace (Christmas 2014)100
Steam Powered Beverage Maker (2014)100
Grinder (2014)100
Potted Snowfluff Tree (2015 Christmas)75
Mannequin Deeds (2015 Christmas)75
A Large Piece of Blackrock75
Boat Paints70
Boat Paint Remover70
Sun Dial (18th Anniversary)50
Commemorative Plate (18th Anniversary)50
Tray of Candy Apples (Halloween 2016)50
Tray of Pumpkin Spice Cider (Halloween 2016)50
Sleigh and Reindeeer Delivering Presents or Coal50
Potted Coffee Plant50
Buffet Table50
Formal Dining Table50
Ale Table50
Orc Ships45
Champagne Bottle (Valentines 2015)40
Potted Plant (2015 Easter Gift)40
Ancient Clay Vase (2015 Halloween)40
Hunting Permits40
Potted Amaryllis (19th Anniversary)35
18th Anniversary Card30
19th Anniversary Card30
17th Anniversary Bag30
18th Anniversary Bag30
19th Anniversary Bag30
Holiday Bells (2017)25
Holiday Ribbon (2017)25
Firefly Garland (2017)25
20th Anniversary Card20
21st Anniversary Card20
20th Anniversary Bag20
21st Anniversary Bag20
Power Scroll Book20
(2015) Shadowguard Artifacts20
Telescope (21st Anniversary)15
Orrery (21st Anniversary)15
Mirror of Purification15
A Deed from a Parrot Perch15
Guild Signs15
Guild Books15
Explosive Liquor from Lady M15
Crafted Talisman (Note: maybe already defined as "Talismans"?)15
Lanterns, Sculptures, Paintings and Pillows from Artisan Festival15
Polished Meteorite (2018 Halloween)10
Rough Meteorite10
Healthy Gland of Plague Beast10
Coil's Fang10
(2015?) Time of Legends Skill Mastery Primers10
(2015) Inoperable Automaton Heads10
(2015) Power Coils from Eodon10
Current Stealables that don't have Clean-Up Points10
(2017) Elemental Tital Quest Clue Items: Soul Trapped in a Phylactery, Demonic Amulet, Oddly Modified Gorget, Mysterious Rolled Map, Ritual Tome, Pentagram Adorned Wand, Goblet, Boline, Dried Incense, Scourge, Folded Stole, Blackrock Staff10
Spellweaving Spellbook (16 Spells)5
Runic Atlas5
Mess of small fish5
Monster Paintings for Trinisc Toymaker from the Obsidian Statue Quests5
The Plants pulled from the Wheelbarrows5
Counterfeit Platinum (Pub 101)3
Necromancer Spellbook (17 Spells)1
Hallowed Spellbook (34 Spells)1
Mysticism Spellbook (5 Spells)1
Goza Mats1
Body Parts received as loot0.1
Mage Reagents: Spiders' Silk, Garlic, Blood Moss, Sulfurous Ash, Nightshade, Mandrake Root, Black Pearl,0.03
Necromancer Reagents: Grave Dust, Pig Iron, Nox Crystal, Daemon Blood, Batwing0.03
Mysticism Reagents: Fertile Dirt, Dragon's Blood, Daemon Bone, Ginseng, Bone0.03