Publish 106 – Forsaken Foes

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Test Center Release 1 – 8/14/2019

Test Center Release 2 – 8/28/2019

Origin, Izumo, & Baja Release – 9/10/2019

WW Release – 9/17/2019

Huntmaster’s Challenge Update

New rewards have been added to the Huntmaster’s Challenge!

  • Grilled Serpent Steak Recipe
    • Raw Sea Serpent Steak – harvested from sea serpents with a bladed object
    • fresh seasoning – dried herbs & salt (purchasable from the sea market)
  • BBQ Dino Ribs Recipe
    • Raw Dino Ribs – harvested from dinosaurs with a bladed object
    • fresh seasoning
    • sack of sugar
    • Samuel’s Secret Sacue
  • Waku Chicken Recipe
    • raw bird
    • dried herbs
    • Samuel’s Secret Sauce
  • Bake Kitsune Hat
    • Can be imbued with exceptional bonus
    • Base Resists: 1, 3, 8, 3, 9

Treasures of the Sea (Forsaken Foes Event)

Creatures have become Soulbound!  Use a soulbinder to capture souls and redeem them for rewards from the Fellowship!

  • Ethereal Soulbinders are craftable via glassblowing
    • 20 Sand
    • 5 Ethereal Sand
  • Ethereal Sand can be collected from Corgul the Soulbinder upon his death
  • Limited quantities of Ethereal Sand can be purchased from the Mining Cooperative in Minoc
  • Quantities are limited by account
  • The Mining Cooperative vendor will restock anytime Corgul is defeated
  • All Rising Tide creatures, including Corgul, Scalis, and Charybdis can have their souls bound into ethereal soulbinders.
  • Non-tameable creatures spawned as treasure guardians from treasure chests  will also be “Soulbound”
  • Soulbound creatures will be identified via an orange hue and the “Soulbound” item property.
  • Ethereal Soulbinders must be in the top level of your backpack to function
  • Treasures of Halloween Rewards
    • These rewards will be available on a timed release throughout the run of Forsaken Foes
    • Pumpkin Cannon – a large pumpkin styled blundercannon, can be placed on a ship and fires all ship weapon ammo types
    • Pumpkin Rowboat – a large pumpkin rowboat
    • Admiral Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale – an equippable bottle of Admiral Jack’s favorite beverage
    • Jack o’ Lantern Helm – equippable Jack o’ Lantern helm that’s also a light source
    • Exploding Jack o’ Lantern – put one in your backpack, give one to your friend and have fun launching them at each other! Kaboom!
    • Reward Title Deeds
      • Ensign, Commander, Captain
    • Recipe Scrolls
      • All recipes crafted via tailoring
      • Mage’s Hood of Scholarly Insight – new mage’s hood equippable with the stats of the Scholarly Halo
        • 5 Yards of Cloth, 5 Leather, 1 Scholar’s Halo, 10 Void Core
      • Cowl of the Mace & Shield – new assassin’s cowl equippable with the stats of the Mace & Shield Glasses
        • 5 Yards of Cloth, 5 Leather, 1 Mace & Shield Reading Glasses, 10 Vile Tentacles
      • Elegant Collar of Fortune – new elegant collar equippable with the stats of Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune
        • 5 Yards of Cloth, 5 Leather, 1 Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune, 10 Fey Wings
      • Crimson Dagger/Sword/Mace Belt – 3 different weapon belt equippables with the stats of the Crimson Cincture *decorative, cannot store a weapon*
        • 4 Yards of Cloth, 5 Leather, Crimson Cincture, 10 Lodestone

New Rewards on Scalis, Charybdis, & Corgul

  • Scalis
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Mace Belt
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Assassin’s Cowl
  • Corgul
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Sword Belt
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Mage’s Hood
  • Charybdis
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Dagger Belt
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Elegant Collar
    • Hungry Coconut Crab Statuette
      • Pet that will eat leather, can be trained up to 2 slots and is “exoskeletal”
    • Captain’s Hearty Rum
      • Collectible equippable rum bottle with the name of one of Britannia’s favorite ships.
    • Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune

Blackthorn’s Dungeon

  • As part of the continuing event arc, Blackthorn’s dungeon has become obstructed and will become home to a mini-quest having to do with the arc.
  • Minax Artifacts can continue to be turned in to the agent in Blackthorn’s Castle
  • Minax Artifacts can continue to be collected via the Captain’s and the Beacons
  • Characters logging into the areas outside of the beacon areas will be magically teleported out of the dungeon

Aquarium Update

New Aquarium House Addons

3 new styles of aquariums have been added as craftables from the Carpentry Skill by GM Carpenters

  • Recipes can be purchased from an NPC Fisher
  • Small Aquarium – Recipe ~375k GP
    • 20 Wood
    • 2 Workable Glass
    • 5 Sand
    • 1 Live Rock (New ingredient found in Ancient SoS Chests!)
  • Wall Aquarium – Recipe ~750k GP
    • 50 Wood
    • 4 Workable Glass
    • 10 Sand
    • 3 Live Rock
  • Large Aquarium – Recipe ~1.25m GP
    • 100 Wood
    • 8 Workable Glass
    • 20 Sand
    • 5 Live Rock

New Aquarium Creatures

Ancient SoS can now contain “Ancient Aquarium Fishing Nets” that can be used to fish up one of a variety of new sea creatures!

  • Common, Minimum Fishing Skill: 50
    • Sergeant Major
    • Humpback Grouper
    • Spotted Parrotfish
    • Squirrelfish
    • Black Durgeon
    • Rock Beauty
    • French Angelfish
    • Spadefish
    • Arrow Crab
    • Sea Urchin
  • Uncommon, Minimum Fishing Skill: 80
    • Moorish Idol
    • Clown Fish
    • Clown Triggerfish
    • Yellow Boxfish
    • Gray Angelfish
    • Spiny Lobster
    • Queen Trigger
    • Scorpion Fish
    • Beaugregory
    • Horseshoe Crab
  • Rare, Minimum Fishing Skill: 100
    • Mantis Shrimp
    • Octopus
    • Fireclam
    • Lion’s Mane Jelly
    • Bangai Cardinalfish
    • Spotted Blue Ray
    • Banded Coral Shrimp
    • Feather Duster
    • Barrel Sponge
    • Tree Coral
    • Blue Hermit Crab
  • Exceedingly Rare, Minimum Fishing Skill: 105
    • PJ Cardinalfish
    • Shrimp Goby
    • Frogfish
    • Picasso Triggerfish
    • Pygmy Seahorse
    • Squid
    • Filefish
    • Porcupine Fish
    • Giant Anemone
    • Sea Fan
    • Fire Coral
  • Exotic, Minimum Fishing Skill: 115
    • Elkhorn Coral
    • Leafy Sea Dragon
    • Hippo Tang
    • Chironex Jelly
    • Chocolate Chip Seastar
    • Eagle Ray
    • Flamingo Tongue
    • Staghorn Coral
    • Mandarin Fish
    • Orange Elephant Ear Sponge
    • Cleaner Shrimp

SOS Chest Updates

  • Ancient SoS Chests can now contain Ancient Aquarium Fishing Nets & Live Rock
  • SoS Chests will now be created based on the “level” of the SoS where,
    • 1 – Rusty Chest
    • 2 – Legacy Wood/Metal Chest
    • 3 – Gold Chest
    • Ancient – Chance of either legacy white wood/metal chest OR barnacle encrusted chest
  • Ancient SoS Chests will take on the name of the shipwreck as do other salvage items

22nd Anniversary Rewards

In appreciation for 22 amazing years of continued support the Ultima Online team would like to say thank you with an anniversary gift token!

Tokens only will be available via dispenser stones on TC1

  • All characters at least 30 days old logging in between Sunday, September 1, 2019 12:01:00 AM ET and Monday, November 18, 2019 11:59:00 PM ET will receive an anniversary card and a token that can be redeemed for an anniversary gift.
  • Copper Wings
    • Symbolizing Glory During 1 of 26 famous battles in Britannian History
  • Copper Portrait Set
    • Relief of 1 of the pirates found throughout Britannia’s High Seas
  • Copper Sunflower
    • Cast From Flowers Grown in the Warm Sun of 1 of 27 locations through Britannia
  • Copper Ship Relief
    • Depicting the Maiden Voyage of 1 of 18 different ships from Britannia’s History
  • Rare chance to receive an “Antique” version of one of the above which sets a special hue and item property on the gift item

Halloween Activities Update

  • During the months of October and November the following Halloween activities will be active,
    • Trick or Treating – added new crystal skulls to collect!
    • Carvable Pumpkins – added new carving designs to collect!
    • Zombie Skeletons return!

Commission Vendor

A new type of vendor is available for purchase from all merchants that sell vendor contracts.

  • Race of the vendor is dependent on the race of the character who places the vendor
  • Vendor will not charge an hourly commission, but instead will take a 5.25% commission fee on each purchase.
  • The Commission Vendor will be linked to the house where it is placed and have its contents count against total house lockdowns.
  • No lockdowns will be counted unless an item is added to the vendor.
  • The vendor is limited to its backpack limit
  • Gold cannot be deposited into the Commission Vendor’s gold account
Price in GoldCommission in GoldPaid to Owner in Gold

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Updated list of randomly generated pirate names
  • Removed the turn-in NPCs from 2017 & 2018 iteration of the Treasures of Halloween as first indicated in the Publish 101 patch notes.

Quality of Life Updates

  • The Tithing menu on Shrines has been updated to provide for a better user experience
  • Words of Power from Animal Training Mastery abilities will now only bark to the pet owner, instead of all nearby players
  • Players can now use a context menu on containers within their house to move them to other locations within the house – players will need to secure the container after it is moved!
  • Added a new security setting to secure containers for “Alliance” that will allow Guild and Alliance members access to that container
  • Added a trash can to the Luna bank for all your garbage needs
  • Updated the cost of rewards from the Fellowship shop
  • Based on player feedback, added “Soulbound” status to non-tameable creatures that spawn from treasure maps
  • Optimized visual effects on Corgul to increase client performance

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where Treasure Map package names were added to MIBs stored in a Davies’ Locker
  • Body parts recovered from shipwrecks will now be worth 100 Cleanup Britannia points instead of 0.1 points
  • Resolved issue where the BOD book filter would be inaccurate when dealing with Fletching and Carpentry (bloodwood and heartwood)
  • Resolved issue where Plunderbeacons could continue to fire their cannons after the crew has been killed
  • Resolved issue where Davies’ Locker would not fit Japanese text size
  • Resolved issue with the height of plants placed in Garden Fields
  • Resolved issue where Tinker scrolls could be erroneously collected from Ranger Treasure maps
  • Resolved issue where some characters could not participate in governor elections
  • Resolved issue where some treasures maps could have display issues that would give them erroneous titles
  • Resolved issue where players who are removed from VvV guilds could not quit VvV unless they joined another guild
  • Resolved issue where some NPC ships could lose their contents while sailing
  • Resolved issue where the well from the Ultima Store Decorative Farm Set could not be used while locked down

Client Updates

  • Added new option in the Classic & Enhanced Client to toggle the display of the contents of public houses.
  • Classic Client: Increased the size of the book gump
  • Enhanced Client Book Update
    • Resolved issue where books opened in the EC would break viewing in the Classic Client due to saving incorrectly
    • Enhanced Client books now follow text editing rules that mimic the Classic Client
    • Enhanced Client books now use a Unicode font to support multiple languages
    • Known Issue: There are some line width differences when viewing books written in the EC via the CC
  • Added new Castle designs to the Classic & Enhanced client.

Classic Client

Enhanced Client

Changes between Test Center & Origin Releases

  • Update to the popup Town Cryer when players login!
  • A new article is available in the Town Cryer from Town Cryer NPCs!
  • Based on player feedback, reduced the requirement of dried herbs in fresh seasoning from 3 to 1
  • Added the “Silver Tincture” to the Fellowship Shop, which will provide slayer bonus to Soulbound creatures.  Using the effect makes a player vulnerable to reponds.
  • Based on player feedback, adjusted the drop rate of resources found on creatures in the Cavern of the Discarded, specifically those that have a chance to drop the “lodestone”
  • Based on player feedback reduced the amount of time an Oracle of the Sea is fixed on a single Charybdis spawn location from 24 hours to 1 hour.  This change results in a single location being valid to summon Charybdis for 1 hour at the location provided.  Multiple Charybdis can be spawned on a shard at any given time presuming valid locations are available for the creature to spawn.
  • Resolved issue where newly crafted equipment could erroneously get the “green” prefix during crafting
  • Based on player feedback added the “Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune” to the Charybdis reward list
  • Based on player feedback added “Soulbound” status to non-tameable creatures that spawn as treasure guardians while doing treasure maps.
  • Based on player feedback updated the “fill” thresholds on Ethereal Soulbinders to give a more accurate indication of how “full” the soulbinders are,
    • Grand Soul – ~1% full
    • Exalted Soul – ~25% full
    • Legendary Soul – ~50% full
    • Mythical Soul – ~90% full
  • Based on player feedback updated the cost of rewards from the Fellowship Shop