Publish 101

First TC1 Publish – 8/8/2018

Customizable Keep & Castle Contest is available on TC1!  You can read more about the tool and contest here.

Khaldun Champ Spawn

  • This is an early implementation of a new champ spawn coming to Dungeon Khaldun.
  • The Champ Spawn will be available in both Trammel & Felucca.
  • Visit the Britain Commons for a gate to the dungeon.
  • Only the champ spawn creatures are currently implemented.  The Champion will be available at a later time.
  • For discussion of the champ spawn visit the forums.

Vault System Update

  • Resolved issue where players couldn’t access all parts of a vault that were located at higher vault positions.
  • Purchasing a vault now provides a receipt which lists the location and next bill date of the purchased vault. The receipt will update once it is past the next bill date after server maintenance.
  • The vault manager now barks the number of objects within the vault to the owner when opening their vault.
  • The warning message when a player claims a vault now provides more information.

Client Changes

  • Added options in the Enhanced & Classic client to disable flying animations.
  • Added an option in the Classic client to display large bank and vault gumps.

Enhanced Client Version –

Classic Client Version –