Halloween – Treasures of Doom (Autumn 2015)

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Visit the Research Camp located outside of the Dungeon Doom in Malas to learn about an archaeological investigation.


Talking to the professor leads to the following dialogue:



oh! Hello there! you must be from the Lyca…oh, no you don’t look like anyone from there. I suppose you are here about the artifacts?

What Artifacts?

Some time ago we uncovered some ancient texts that pointed to the dungeon Doom here as a potential site for archaeological excavation. We had been quietly going about our work until we found…something. It’s exact nature and origins elude us still, however since then our guards have reported finding artifacts bearing a previously unknown crest from the creatures inside the dungeon.

What have you excavated?

You can see for yourself inside, just off the chamber where that kooky sorceress peddles her wares. We’ve also unearthed some ancient clay vases that appear to have some value, but those are items of great historical importance and I must insist they be left undisturbed.

What is the crest?

As far as we can tell, the crest is associated in some way with the Dungeon Doom. It appears to bear a striking resemblance to a scepter and a crook crossed on a circle. We are still investigation the origins. The artifacts themselves seem to have some power and we’ve determined they have not other sinister effects. You are welcome to collect them, I’ve even instructed my research assistants to trade artifacts for items you may find valuable to further our research.

So you’re saying I can’t have them…

No, you cannot have them! I cannot condone the theft of antiques that have been claimed by the research team here!

The location the professor mentions, near Victoria, is pictured below, together with the inscriptions found on a wooden sign and a plaque in the area.


Using detect hidden skill reveals the runes on this wooden sign.

However they appear to make no sense




Slaying monsters inside Dungeon Doom gives a chance for an Artifact of Doom to drop in the players backpack. The more monsters a player kills, as well as a player’s luck influence the chance at getting and Artifact of Doom.

Artifacts of Doom can be turned into the NPC at the research camp in exchange for,

    • [Your Character’s Name]’s Lantern of Light
    • Tincture of Silver – can be applied to weapons, spellbooks, and certain instruments to give a slayer bonus against creatures within Doom, while becoming vulnerable to undead.
    • Antique Documents Kit – crafting ingredient required for the crafting of “Prophetic Manuscripts”
    • Reward Title Deeds – Usable deed that will grant the users various titles
      • The Atoned
      • Defender of the Living
      • Preserver of the Faith
    • Crook of Humility – A Shepherd’s Crook
      • Veterinary +10
      • Wolf Slayer
      • Spell Channeling
      • Intelligence + 10
      • Damage Increase -20%
    • Scepter of Pride – Scepter
      • Demon Slayer
      • Undead Slayer
      • Hit Stamina Leech 70%
      • Hit Life Leech 70%
      • Hit Mana Leech 70%
      • Swing Speed Increase 30%
    • Cloak of Light – Cloak
      • Hit Point Regeneration 2
      • Night Sight
      • Hit Chance Increase 5%
    • Boots of Escaping
      • Dexterity Bonus 4
      • Stamina Regeneration 1
    • Sterling Silver Ring
      • Meditation +20
      • Hit Point Regeneration 3
      • Mana Regeneration 5
      • Damage Increase 75%
      • Additional +20 skill bonus applied by double clicking the ring and selecting from the available skills

Prophetic Manuscripts

Enterprising, light fingered, individuals may choose to ignore the professor’s instruction to leave the ancient vases undisturbed. Opening the vases with a sharp implement may reveal the contents, though the vase shatters as you cut away the sealing wax.

      • Craftable via the Inscription menu under “Other”
      • Requires ancient parchments (10)research5, wood pulp (10), antique documents kit (1)research6, and beeswax (5).
      • Failure will only consume ancient parchments, wood pulp, and beeswax.

There are 5 different prophetic manuscript texts, randomly assigned when successfully crafted. Careful study of these and some knowledge of ultima lore leads to to the realisation that the characters you need to push are those spelling the name of Mondain’s murdered father. For more information read of Owain the Blind

Treasures of Doom will be available for a limited time during the Halloween season, and recur with various tweaks in successive years.