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There was a time when all there was to a lumberjack’s life was chopping logs for carpenters to make furniture and bowyers to make their bows and arrows. Not any more! All kinds of things can be found hiding in Britannia’s trees.

The first thing to think about is your character’s attributes. Set strength as high as you can, logs are heavy. Dexterity for stamina and finally a little intelligence.

A pack horse or llama is useful too, or better, a giant beetle.

It matters little whether you chose an axe or a hatchet for your task; as long as it’s one you’re strong enough to lift! Hold it firmly in your hand and swing it at the nearest tree. There are lots of trees in Britannia, and many of them are within town guardzones so you don’t have to defend yourself, or your pack animal, from wild beasts. The farms to the West of Britain are a good place to start.  (note: if you swing at a tree and are unable to hit it, check that you do not have circle of transparency active)

Avoid becoming overloaded too quickly by occasionally using your axe on the pile of logs in your pack (double click the axe, target the logs), thus turning them into boards.

Chopping a tree will give you one of the following messages:

  • “You hack at the tree for awhile, but fail to produce any usable wood” – You failed your skill check, but can try again on the same tree.
  • “You put some logs into your backpack” – You have chopped 10 logs from the tree. You can continue trying to get wood from the same tree until you get the next listed message.
  • “There is not enough wood here to harvest” – Move on to another tree. Trees regenerate in around 20 to 30 minutes.
  • “You can’t fit any more wood in your backpack!” – You’re overloaded, this message can be avoided by regularly transferring your boards from your pack to that of your pack animal (he can carry 1600 stones).

As you gain in skill you will begin to get strange new woods. These special woods spawn randomly on any tree and change periodically. A tree that gave oak last time you chopped it may not give oak the next time you visit it.

*NB Endless Journey accounts are unable to obtain rare wood or resources.

When you reach Grand Master skill you have a chance of finding strange, rare resources

Special Tools

  • Melisande’s Corroded Hatchet is a rare drop from the peerless encounter, Melisande. It grants a bonus of +5 lumberjack, however this does not allow the 100 skill cap to be exceeded.
  • Lumberjack’s Satchel is a reward from the Huntmaster’s Challenge, it gives 50% Weight Reduction and holds logs and boards
  • Harvester’s Axe also a reward from the Huntmaster’s Challenge. When equipped it magically transforms logs into boards as they are harvested, placing boards in the character’s backpack. This item can be recharged with a runed switch


Lumberjack with Swords Skill

Lumberjack gives a bonus to Swordsfighters wielding an axe or hatchet. The formula for this is Lumberjack ÷ 5 (Add 10% if Lumberjacking = 100) In addition swordsmen with GM Lumberjacking will have a 10% chance for a Lumberjacking damage bonus of 100% from base weapon damage.


Skill Needed
log_plain Normal Wood 0
log_oak Oak Wood 65
log_ash Ash Wood 80
log_yew Yew Wood 95
log_heartwood Heartwood 100
log_bloodwood Bloodwood 100
log_frostwood Frostwood 100

Special Items

Skill Needed
bark_fragment Bark Fragments: Used by carpenters in the creation of woodland armor and by chefs to create woodpulp 100
luminescent_fungi Luminescent Fungi: A rare resource used in alchemy and imbuing 100
parasitic_plant Parasitic Plant: A rare resource used in alchemy and imbuing 100
switch Switch: A rare resource used in making a runed switch 100
brilliant_amber Brilliant Amber: A rare resource with several uses 100
crystal_shards Crystal Shards: A very rare resource used in imbuing, only found when lumberjacking among the trees of Ter Mur 100