Throwing is a ranged combat art particular to Gargoyles. It can be used at close quarters, but with reduced effectiveness. Those skilled in Throwing are known as Bladeweavers.

The range of weapon types is somewhat less than for other combat skills, but unlike archery there is no ammunition needed and your boomerang will always come back.  There are a number of Throwing Artifact weapons which can be obtained by an intrepid Bladeweaver.

There are three throwing weapons, each weapon has a base and max range available to it, where the base range is modified by the player’s strength to determine the actual range.


  • Range: 4 min, 7 max
  • Base damage: 11-15
  • Weapon Speed: 2.75 seconds
  • Primary Special: Mystic Arc
  • Secondary Special: Concussion Blow


  • Range: 6 min, 9 max
  • Base damage: 13-17
  • Weapon Speed 3.25 seconds
  • Primary Special: Moving Shot
  • Secondary Special: Infused Throw

Soul Glaive

  • Range: 8 min, 11 max
  • Base damage: 16-20
  • Weapon Speed: 4.0 seconds
  • Primary Special: Armor Ignore
  • Secondary Special: Mortal Strike

The absolute maximum range is capped. The calculated maximum range a player can throw their weapon is used to determine how accurate their throw actually is when trying to hit a target at a certain distance. This allows the player to have a “sweet-spot” area where their throwing is most effective, while pushing towards their maximum range or throwing while too close to the target results in a less damage or accuracy.

– If, while equipped, a weapon has a maximum range of six tiles, and a player throws at a player two tiles away (too close) they have a Hit Chance penalty of 12%, but no damage reduction.

Perfect – Maximum range of six tiles, thrown a distance of four tiles. No Hit Chance penalty, no damage reduction

Overthrown – Maximum range of six tiles, thrown a distance of six tiles. No Hit Chance penalty, but 47% damage reduction

Close Quarters Combat

Even though they may be meant to be thrown, these weapons all have sharp, mean edges on them – perfect for catching an unsuspecting melee fighter off guard. A player’s Dexterity can partially negate the Hit Chance penalty incurred by such close proximity.

Shield Penalties

All the throwing weapons are one-handed in nature which allows the Thrower to equip a shield or other item in their off hand. The player will suffer a Defense and Hit Chance penalty for using a shield while using a throwing weapon. These penalties can be offset by investing skill points into Parrying. Player’s with no skill points in parry will have a minimum chance to hit.