07) 25th August

UO Live Access Patch

The following was released as the UO Live Access Patch on August 25, 1999.

Interface Changes and Options

Client Arrow

  • There is now an arrow that can be used to point players to a specific location.

General Interface changes

  • Current target highlighting – All targeted players/creatures are now highlighted with a graphic that represents:
    • Current Damage
    • The target’s reputation (by hue)
  • The Status Bar is hued by reputation
  • Double-clicking a status bar now behaves as if the player had double-clicked the target.
  • Targeting a status bar behaves as if the character had been targeted.
  • “Always show names” – This feature shows the names of objects as they come on to your screen. It defaults to being on, but can be toggled off in the options menu.
  • Skill/Stat Advancement Notification – The client will now notify you in the system message area when you gain skills or stats. These can be toggled on/off in the options menu.

Accessing the game

There is new art throughout the login and character creation screens. A framed picture of a castle has two input boxes, one for account name and one for password. There is also a radio box for saving your password.

Along the left hand side are several new buttons:

  • My UO – This button is disabled, but will be used later.
  • Account – This opens your web browser to the Ultima Online
  • Mail – This button is disabled, but will be used later.
  • Movie – This displays the intro movie.
  • Credits – This displays the names of the hard working people on Ultima Online.
  • Help – This opens your web browser to the support.owo.com web page.

The Quit button in the upper right-hand corner allows you to exit Ultima Online.
At the bottom right is an arrow outlined in green and pointing right. Select this arrow to go to the next screen.

Shard Selection

Last Shard Shortcut – The name of the last shard you played on will appear by the globe button.

To enter a shard you can either double left-click on the selected shard, click on the GLOBE button, or left click on the shard and click the green arrow.

There is now a red arrow pointing left at the bottom right of the screen. This allows you to return to the previous menu.

New Character Creation

Skill selection

There are three available selections when creating a new character:

  • Adventurer
  • Merchant
  • Advanced

The old character templates have been revamped into what we now call “Professions”. Each profession starts with different skills and equipment. Selecting advanced will allow you to choose your skills manually.

Adventurer (Symbol: Jousting Knight)

Archer (Symbol: bow and arrow)

  • Archer (Symbol: bow and arrow)
  • Bard (Symbol: lute)
  • Field medic (Symbol: ankh)
  • Ranger (Symbol: head with feathered hat)

Magician (Symbol: wizard’s hat)

  • Battlefield Mage (Symbol: phoenix)
  • Pure Mage (Symbol: wizard’s hat)
  • Warlock (Symbol: flaming sword)

Warrior (Symbol: helm)

  • Bard (Symbol: lute)
  • Mace Fighter (Symbol: arm with mace)
  • Fencer (Symbol: fencer in lunge)
  • Swordsman (Symbol: crossed swords)

Merchant (Symbol: stack of coins)

Craftsman (Symbol: saw)

  • Blacksmith (Symbol: anvil)
  • Carpenter (Symbol: saw)
  • Tailor (Symbol: scissors)
  • Tinker (Symbol: gears)

Tradesman (Symbol: scale)

  • Animal Tamer (Symbol: horse)
  • Fisherman (Symbol: fish)
  • Prospector (Symbol: pack mule)
  • Sorcerer (Symbol: wizard’s hat)

After you have chosen your skills, left clicking the green arrow will bring you to the Character Customization screen.

Character Customization

The Character Customization screen has a revised interface including list boxes for hair and color selections. You can also select the color of your shirt and pants. Select the green arrow to move to the city selection screen.

City Selection Screen

The City Selection Screen has been changed from a list to a world map to give players a better idea of where they want to start. Left clicking on a city name will present a written description of that city’s features. New players will only be presented with 4 cities (Britain, Moonglow, Minoc, and Trinsic) unless they choose the ADVANCED path for character creation.

Companion System

Player volunteers called “Companions” are available for new players. When a player from a new account logs on for the first time, a Companion will be paged to welcome them.

Install Changes

There is now a slide show during the install featuring screenshots from Ultima Online.

New Macros FAQ

How does recalling off of a boat key work?

  • Casting recall and targeting the key will attempt to find the boat. If it is successful, you will be taken to the deck of the boat. If it fails, the boat no longer exists in the world, or there was no space on the deck.

How does dry-docking my boat affect recalling off of the boat key?

  • If you dry dock your boat none of the keys that used to work for that boat will work with recall. You have essentially changed the locks on your boat.

How do you access the new macros?

  • The new macros can be found in the options menu (control-o).

How do you use the “arm/disarm” macro?

  • Once you bind the macro to a key, you must first arm the item. Then use the macro to disarm/arm that particular item. Remember, you must assign the macro for each hand.

How do you use the “last target” macro?

  • Once you bind last target to a key, using the key will retarget the last item you had targeted.

How do you use the “next target” macro?

  • Once you bind “next target” to a key, pressing that key will cycle through all the mobile targets on the screen. The target will be highlighted with a mini-healthbar.

How do you use the “delay” macro?

  • The “Delay” macro will cause your character to wait before going to the next macro in a list. Remember, the “delay” macro counts in tenths of a second. Therefore, one second would be 10. For example, the following series of actions would cause your character to use the hiding skill, wait 7 seconds, and then use the stealth skill with the press of one key:
    • use skill = hide
    • delay = 70
    • use skill = stealth

How do you use the macro “CloseGumps”?

  • Once you bind the “CloseGumps” macro to a key, you can press that key to close all the windows on your screen (for example your Paperdoll and Backpack). This means that ESC will not close your windows unless you bind this macro to it.

Why doesn’t my ESC key work like it used to?

  • In order for your ESC key to close your windows, you must bind the “CloseGumps” macro to it in the Options Menu.

How do you use the “AttackLast” macro?

  • Once you bind the “AttackLast” macro to a key, you can press that key to automatically engage the last person you fought with in melee combat.

How do you use the “TargetSelf” macro?

  • Once you bind the “TargetSelf” macro to a key, you can press that key to target yourself (assuming you have the targeting cursor already on the screen).

How do you use the “WaitForTarget” macro?

  • The “WaitForTarget” macro is designed for use with other macros like “Next Target”, “Last Target”, and “Target Self”. For example, the following series of macros would cause your character to cast the “strength” spell, wait for the targeting cursor, and then cast “strength” on yourself with the press of one key:
    • cast spell = strength
    • WaitForTarget
    • TargetSelf

How do I turn off “incoming names”?

  • In the options menu click on the “Miscellaneous” tab (it looks like the UO symbol). Uncheck the field names “Show Names of Approaching Players”. Press “OKAY”. Alternatively, edit your uo.cfg and add the line “ShowIncomingNames=off”.

New Players FAQ

What are the requirements to be considered “Young”?

  • A player is considered “Young” if their account is less than 40 hours and their characters:
    • Have less than 350 total skill points
    • Have less than 70 in any one skill
    • Have less than 150 stat points
    • Have less than 80 in any one stat
    • Have not had their “Young” status revoked by a GM

How do I lose my “Young” status?

  • A player loses their “Young” status if their account age goes above more than 40 hours and their characters:
    • Have more than 350 total skill points
    • Have more than 70 in any one skill
    • Have more than 150 stat points
    • Have more than 80 in any one stat
    • Have had their “Young” status revoked by a GM
    • By saying the words, “I renounce my young player status”

I can’t log on to the “Siege Perilous” shard, why not?

  • Siege Perilous is a shard for advanced players. Therefore, players with “Young” status cannot access it.

I died and got teleported to a healer, but he won’t resurrect me…what do I?

  • Move away from the healer (up to half a screen) and then walk back towards him/her.

New Player Quests FAQ

How do I get a New Player Quest?

  • New player quests are based on what skills your character starts with and what city you start in. If you choose one of the profession templates, and your account still meets the requirements of a “Young” player, you are sure to get new player quests. If you choose the advanced option from character creation, you must choose at least one of the skills found in the profession templates, and you must choose one of the four starting cities: Britain, Trinsic, Minoc, or Moonglow. Once you are in the game, you simply walk up to a shopkeeper from your starting city. If the shopkeeper has not already sent someone on a quest, he or she will give you a task to complete.

How do I cancel my New Player Quest?

  • To cancel your quest, just say “I resign from my quest.” You should receive a message stating that your quest has been cancelled. Keep in mind that another shopkeeper from your starting city may give you the quest again at a later time.

How does the quest arrow work?

  • The quest arrow is merely a guide to help you complete your task. It draws a straight line between you and a specific location related to your quest. This means that if there is a building or body of water between you and your goal, you must find a way around it.

I did what the shopkeeper asked and followed the quest arrow back, but now it is pointing to the ground. What do I do?

  • The shopkeeper has probably wandered off. Search around the area where you met the shopkeeper, because they are very likely to be nearby.

New Player Tickets FAQ

What do I do with my “New Player Ticket”?

  • Double-click the ticket and target any other ticket marked NEW PLAYER and you will receive a list of prizes to choose from. Generally, the easiest way to do this is to place your tickets in a trade window and then double click it.

Ultima Messenger FAQ

How do I access my messages?

  • Open your paperdoll. Double left-click the Messenger Bag located at the top of your Paperdoll. This will bring up the Ultima Messenger.

How do I give someone my address?

  • Open your paperdoll. Drag the Messenger Bag from the top of your Paperdoll on to the person you wish to exchange mail with. This will send them a greeting card and add you to their address book. Remember, they must do the same to you if you want to send them a message.

How do I stop someone from sending messages to me?

  • There are two ways to stop someone from messaging you. Either highlight a message the person has sent you or open up your address book and highlight that person’s address. Then click the “Revoke Address” button at the bottom of the Ultima Messenger window (an icon with a Person and an “X”).

New Player Protection FAQ

What is meant by “New Player Protection”?

  • New Players cannot damage other players.
  • Other Players cannot damage new players.
  • Monsters that would normally be actively hostile to a player will not attack new players, unless in a dungeon. The player will receive a message indicating that the monster is hostile.
  • New players will be teleported to a healer when they die. They will retain their belongings.
  • New players cannot loot a monster they did not kill for two minutes after the creature died.
  • Other players cannot loot a monster killed by a New Player.
  • New players cannot steal from other players or NPCs.

Other Changes

  • Red players cannot insta-log from houses.
  • All spawned chests will be locked and trapped.
  • The cost of thread, wool, bolts of cloth, folded cloth, flax and cotton has been increased.
  • The following skills will not unhide you when they are used: Detect Hidden, Item Identification, Anatomy, Arms Lore, Animal Lore, Evaluate Intellect, Forensics Evaluation, and Poisoning.

Bug Fixes

  • Gold will return to the bank if the trade window is cancelled and the player backpack is full.
  • If gold is stacked and would result in a pile greater than 60k, a new stack will be created rather than the excess gold being lost.
  • Pets staying “perma-tamed” fixed.
  • Various fishing skill gain bugs.
  • Various Tinkering skill gain bugs.
  • Failing Tinkering will now consume resources.


Update 1

On July 14, 1999, the following was published:

  • In an effort to fix some problems caused by guildstones with a large number of members, we will be modifying guildstone functionality. As a result of these modifications, changing the guild master in a guild with more than 25 members will not be recognized until the next day. In these cases, the new guild master will not have his powers until the next day.

Update 1

On August 27, 1999, the following was published:

  • Issues with newbie flagging will be corrected as well as being retroactive, players identified as “young” who should not be will lose their “young” status
  • You will not be able to mark runes that are located in houses
  • You will not be able to gate from bank runes unless you are at your bank
  • You will not be able to scribe scrolls from your bank unless you are at your bank
  • While dead, you will not be able to escort NPCs
  • Black wisps will no longer appear on shards other than Siege Perilous

Update 1

On August 28, 1999, the following was published:

  • “Young” players will not be allowed to join the thieves guild.
  • “Young” players already in the thieves guild will be removed.
  • “Young” players will not be able to chop up corpses.

Update 1

On September 1, 1999, the following was published:

  • Characters that are flagged as criminals or aggressors will no longer be able to instantly log out of the game while in their house or in an inn.
  • Murderers (reds) who are not flagged as criminals or aggressors will be able to instantly log out of the game while in their house or in an inn.
  • A bug involving the Reactive Armor Spell will be fixed.
  • The Reactive Armor spell will be reactivated.
  • “Young” players will not be able to loot player corpses at all.
  • “Young” players will not be able to poison another player with a poisoned weapon.
  • Issues involving veteran accounts and “Young” player status will be fixed.
  • NPCs will no longer move at a faster than normal rate.
  • Chests that spawn items will no longer produce spellbooks.
  • Transferring a pet will no longer result in the pet going wild.

Update 1

On September 8, 1999, the following was published:

  • If you give an item to an NPC that he will not accept, the NPC will try to return the item to your backpack. However, if having that item in your pack would overload your character, the item will be deleted.

Update 1

On September 9, 1999, the following was published:

  • After going through a gate cast by a player, there will be a random delay of 3 to 10 seconds before you can go though that gate again, or through any other gate.
    • Note that this change is temporary. We will update you again once it is changed back.

Update 1

On September 16, 1999, the following was published:

  • A fix for NPCs Vendors who were not going back to their shops.