Hidden Valley

painted-caves tunnel-entry

Two rivers emerge from mountains close to Trinsic, the southern river is beside the entrance to Painted Caves, the Northern River is at the point where a Volcano Tunnel emerges from the mountain (111.31’S 22.46’E 1647, 2893). This tunnel leads to an enclosed Hidden Valley. The only occupants of the valley are a group of mages selling their goods in, and around, a lonely mage tower.


The entrance to the tower is at the top of a flight of steps, the doors may be locked (on some shards). Behind those doors, on Felucca facet but not in Trammel, an evil mage lurks. There is no visible entrance to the lower part of the building but a careful search of the valley reveals a small cave and, inside the cave, a magical teleporter which will transport you to its hidden counterpart, within the mage tower.

inner-tunnel mage-tower-lower