Dungeon Chests

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Amost everyone who has been to a dungeon in Trammel or Felucca will have noticed the chests, crates and barrels stacked neatly against the walls or scattered around the floors. Most of them are permanent fixtures, ie static chests and will always be found in exactly the same location, never moving or vanishing; but some are ‘spawning chests’ which come and go at intervals.

These chests are widely used for the training of the skills Lockpicking, Detect Hidden and Remove Trap.

Static Chests

  • Some are never locked. Others are and may have up to three traps, depending on how long ago they were last opened. The ones that are locked will re-lock and the trap reset after a certain amount of time. The time varies from chest to chest.
  • The skill needed to unlock and disarm the trap varies widely. It does not relate to treasure chest levels
  • Empty, or containing non-magical items. Do not contain gold.

Spawning Chests

  • May be found in any random spot within a given area
  • Have a lifespan of approximately 10 minutes, after which they disappear. A new one will spawn in the same area, usually in about one minute.
  • Always spawn locked and trapped. They will not re-lock or re-trap once opened.
  • loosely equate to treasure chest levels 1 – 4
  • contain gold, commensurate with the level of the chest, also possible magic items, gems, scrolls