Basic Item Properties

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The following non-magical properties are found on items in game:


The amount an item weighs, which will contribute to the total weight your character is able to carry. Some weapon and armor items can be affected by the magic property ‘unwieldy‘, making them weigh a staggering 50 stones instead of their regular weight.

Strength Requirement

The amount of strength your character needs to be able to wear, or carry, the item. Some weapon and armor items can be affected by the magic property ‘massive‘, needing 125 strength to wear or carry them or ‘lower requirements‘ having the opposite effect.


This property is not found on basic clothing and crafter’s talismans, but is present on some artifact clothing and talismans as well as all armor, shields and weapons. Durability of an item is shown as two numbers thus: 100/255, the first is the current durability, the second the maximum durability for the item. Both figures have a possible range of 0 – 255, however if both figures are allowed to decrease to 0 the item will break.

Current Durability

This figure shows how the item has become damaged through combat, it can be corrected by repairing the item. If current durability is allowed to reach 0 the maximum durability will begin to decrease. It is recommended that the item be repaired before that situation is reached.

Maximum Durability

Maximum durability varies, with crafted items usually having less than 100, some artifacts spawn with 150 and some with the maximum 255. The durability on crafted items can be increased by applying the Blacksmith BoD reward ‘Powder of Fortification’, one charge of powder raising durability by 10. Repairing an item has a chance of dropping maximum durability by 1.

Durability can be affected by the magic properties ‘Brittle‘ and ‘Self Repair‘.