Fan Dancer Dojo

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The Fan Dancer Dojo is found far to the north of the island of Isamu-Jima in Tokuno (125.04’N 24.02’W 981, 201). The entrance is inhabited and surrounded by fan dancers with Ronin and possibly hidden Elite Ninjas close by.

Below ground the dungeon extends to three levels with increasingly unfriendly occupants. Stealable artifact items can be found by an enterprising thief scattered throughout the dungeon.

Immediately upon entering the dungeon Fan dancers are encountered, with headless added after the first turn. A small cave at the end of this second corridor is occupied by horde minions and they can be met with from this point on. The large room at the end of this level houses a daemon as well as the other level occupants already met.

Descending to the second level finds a small room of headless followed by a larger room where they are joined by horde minions and a pair of Daemon. Beyond this room the corridor briefly widens, providing an area for two fan dancers, once past them the way is clear until the corridor enters the next large room where a ronin and succubus hold sway. The character of the dungeon changes past this point. the plaster walls giving way to stone and the boarded floor to simple dirt. Two further rooms branch off to left and right before the downward staircase is reached; these contain a second succubus, a daemon and several hell hounds and predator hellcats.

The first large room of the final level is shared by a daemon and a succubus, there are two exits from the room. The northern exit leads to two small rooms, the furthest of which is occupied by hell hounds and predator hellcats. The more southerly exit from the initial room of the level also leads to two rooms, though much larger than those of the more northerly branch. The main occupant of the first room of this branch is an oni, he is accompanied by horde minions and headless. The furthest, and final, room is the domain of a balron. He is, in theory, alone but fan dancers roam throughout all corridors and rooms of the level.