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underworld-locationsThe entrance to Underworld came to light with the eruption of the volcano on Fire Island. Passing through it leads to the Stygian Abyss, though entry to the abyss is only granted to those who have undertaken a quest, either from the gargoyles, Naxatilor in Ter Mur or from Garamon in Underworld. Close to the entrance, note the stone memorial on the left, ghosts may resurrect here. To the right, on a table, is the first of the dungeon’s stealable artifacts. Beyond the guard station the route ahead leads to Garamon. The dungeon can roughly be considered in two halves. West of Garamon, and East of Garamon.

West of Garamon the first creature encountered is a lone, stealthy gremlin archer. He guards Sir Wilbur’s book and the puzzle room key. Slimes and then acid slugs litter the path beyond him while in a swampy area that may once have been a garden is occupied by rotworms and bloodworms. Beyond the swamp, in a series of rooms to the west, are three quest giving human explorers, Gretchen the Alchemist, Elder Dugan Prospector and Fiddling Tobin the Tinkerer. East of these rooms a bridge over the river leads to a room occupied by undead. Two teleporters at the far side of the room give access to the river bank to the south and the Greater Poison Elemental’s domain to the north. Between them is the secret door to Sir Wilbur’s experimental gem room.


The north west area of Underworld is the domain of the green goblins, and goblin traps lay in the floor of the passage leading to the area from the undead room. From the goblin traps steps leading down, eastward, go to the river where kraken surround a camp on an island. Slightly north is a path eastward, passing tangling roots to reach the stairs to the Abyss, and past those, the home of the gray goblins. Moving north the next turn is the room with the golden compass, while straight ahead is the Maze Corridor that the compass is used to navigate. Just left is a small flight of stairs up to a gate. This is the entrance to the green goblin camp. There are two quest giving green goblins, Xenrr and Vernix

underworld-doorEast of Garamon the route leads through hidden doors beyond whichh are found rotworms and a single blood elemental. There are paths to north and south. The southern path leads to the crumbling walls referred to in Garamon’s quest, though at the opposite side. It is possible to teleport over the gaps in the walls to reach Tyball’s shadow if you wish. The northern route away from the hidden walls leads to a broken bridge, however a teleporter in a small room to the right will carry you over the gap.

On the other side of the river a large spiral staircase is to the left while a smaller staircase leads further north. The spiral stair is the entrance to the Stygian Abyss. Two corridors leave the room found at the top of the smaller staircase. The western one is the other end of the route from the green goblins home that passed the tangling roots. To the east is the entrance of the gray goblin camp. At the southern edge of this area a ruined tomb is occupied with undead. The goblins are alone in the main living area but beyond a gap in the wall to the north they are joined by wolf spiders which appear to come from cavern to the west. There are two quest giving gray goblins, Jaacar and Barreraak.

A short way past the goblin’s prison cells, where Neville Brightwhistle is incarcerated, at the end of their camp are two turnings to the north. The first is a teleporter, 5 on the map. It will transport you to the point marked Tele 3(5). Re entering the teleporter will take you to the point in the greater poison elemental’s area marked ‘Tele 3’. The second turning North is the Font of Fortune while to the south is the cavern of wolf spiders. Iron beetles are found digging there.
Entering the cavern and turning west a blood elemental stands guard at a bridge over the river while at the other end of the bridge the Sentinel Spider guards the hole which marks the entrance to the formidable spider, Navrey Night-Eyes.