Volcanic Lair

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Found in the western part of Central Ilshenar this dungeon is accessed by a tunnel just north of Honor moongate. The path to the dungeon entrance winds around the volcano requiring the adventurer to teleport first over a lava river and then over small rock outcrops in a lava pool to a ledge above the dungeon entrance (98.26’N 26’55’W 940,504). At the western edge of the tunnel top it is possible to slide down a sharp slope to the entrance.

volcanic-foyerDescend steps just inside the entrance to enter the dungeon, a complex of small interlinked caves and lava pools occupied by lava lizards and fire elementals. In the largest cave, in the north west corner of the dungeon a large dragon egg sits in a nest of rocks at the center of a lava pool; guarding it, an ancient wyrm.