wisp-entrance Wisp dungeon in Ilshenar has two entrances, the main one is west of Honor moongate (28.28’N 47.10’W 652, 1300) while the second is through the Cyclops Dungeon. Walking into the main entrance an adventurer will meet with the creatures that give the dungeon its name. Winding corridors zigzag eastwards till terminating at a meeting room with wisp adorned Ankh, while a turning into a library at an earlier point leads past a green stone altar to the head of a staircase.


Below the stairs a short L shaped landing gives way to another stair leading deeper underground where evil mages rub shoulders with the less friendly dark wisps. In a corner just north of the stairs a second stone altar is found, this one a dark shadow color.

wisp-bluelandingTurning away from the altar a short corridor links to a long north south corridor stretching the length of the dungeon. Behind to the south a workroom, while ahead, north, is a slope leading upwards with a staircase just north of the top. This is the exit to Cyclops dungeon. South from the top of the slope a number of rooms lead off and undead join the spawn. Kitchen staff in the dining room appear to be ghouls and skeletal and bone mages join the evil mages in the large Remembrance room at the end of this branch of the level.

Returning to the foot of the slope and moving further north to the end of the corridor, on the left is the barracks occupied by skeletal knights, two storage rooms of crates, chests and barrels opening off it. To the right the armory where skeletal knights are joined by skeletal mages and a rotting corpse. At the far side of the armory is a door, and beyond the door another downward staircase.
The staircase ends in a short corridor, which ends at another stair.


The third level of the dungeon begins at a room with rune covered floor, you must navigate the puzzle to reach the other side. A miss-step will transport you to one of the side rooms, the runes on the floor in these rooms will return you to the beginning of the puzzle. At time of writing the sequence was as shown in this image.


The room at the far side is U shaped, a further stone altar is on the left, this time red. Each arm of the U has a red glowing rune, they will transport you if stepped on. The room thus accessed has a glowing blue rune which will return you to this point.

To progress to the final level of the dungeon you must find the hidden door in the wall, opening the door will reveal a blue glowing rune which transports you to an antechamber in which there is a second red altar. Your arrival point is at the center of a ring of runes, at the far side of the room is another ring, to enter the main room step into this second ring, to return to the room above step onto the red altar.


Before you engage the room’s occupants in combat take a moment to notice the green and blue stone altars at the two sides of the room. Stepping on any of the colored altars at this level will transport you to its mate elsewhere in the dungeon. The room is home to a group of imps and a balron.