The Black Market Merchant

The Black Market Merchant

Initially arriving during the Rising Tides event, this disreputable person is found lurking outside Buccaneer’s Den Bank, he offers to buy maritime cargo for doubloons, and then reclaim the doubloons from you in exchange for his goods. There is a limit to the number of doubloons he will allow you to have in your account. When you reach 300,000 doubloons he insists that you buy from him before he will buy any further cargo from you.

His valuing of your cargo is a little eccentric, but he will pay, approximately:

  • Grandmaster cargo 100 – 200 doubloons
  • Exalted cargo 500 – 600 doubloons
  • Legendary cargo 1000 – 1100 doubloons
  • Mythical cargo 10,000+ doubloons

His inventory consists of:

Initial Inventory, beginning of the Rising Tides event

  • a ‘Powder Monkey’ title deed, 10,000 doubloons
  • a wooden Wood Carving of [Ship’s Name] Named with a random famous ship, or if yer lucky – named after you! 15,000 doubloons
  • a shoulder parrot, as seen on his shoulder, 100,000 doubloons.

Inventory expanded, month 2:

  • a ‘Botswain’ title deed, 15,000 doubloons
  • a Blundercannon, 25,000 doubloons 
  • a decorative Dragon Cannon 120,000 doubloons 

Inventory expanded, month 3

  • A ‘Sailing Master’ title deed, 20,000 doubloons
  • A Mysterious Statue, 35,000 doubloons
  • A Triton Pet , 140,000 doubloons
    • (this item can be claimed by any character but is redeemable only by a Grandmaster tamer)
    • When using Animal Training on this pet it is considered to be ‘spawned’ at the location where it is redeemed from the statue. Therefore if Bushido or Ninjitsu skill is desired it must be redeemed in Tokuno facet.

Inventory expanded, month 4

  • A ‘Quartermaster’ title deed, 25,000 doubloons
  • A Pirate Wall Map, 45,000 doubloons
  • A Whip of Plundering, 180,000 doubloons
    • Barbed, Bladed or Spiked (mace, sword or fencing skill)

Inventory expanded, Pirates Life event. First additions

  • Fellowship Medallion, 10,000 Doubloons (human or gargoyle)
  • Pirate Chest, 180,000 Doubloons
    • Transitions between open/closed state when used
    • When locked down or secured will display treasure in the open state
    • Can only be adjusted using the interior decorator while in the closed state
    • Can be dyed with regular, furniture, promo, and pigment dyes
  • Peculiar Coconut, 75,000 Doubloons
    • When locked down or secured and then double clicked will become one of several new varieties of palm trees
  • A ‘Landlubber’ title deed, 30,000 Doubloons
  • A ‘Sea Wasp’ title deed, 50,000 Doubloons
  • Hooks Treasure Map, 150,000 Doubloons (not yet active, collect and keep for a later event)

Inventory expanded, Pirates Life event. Second additions

  • Orchids 15k
    • Available in 1 of 8 common hues with a chance at 1 of 8 rare hues
  • A ‘First Mate’ title deed, 150,000 Doubloons

Inventory expanded, Pirates Life event, third additions

  • Pirate Shield Recipe, 50,000 Doubloons
    • Carpentry skill required
  • Hook’s Shield, 200,000 Doubloons
    • Spell Channeling
    • Defense Chance Increase 15%
    • Spell Damage Increase 10%
    • Faster Casting 1
    • Fire Resist 10%
    • Poison Resist 10%
  • A ‘Pirate Lord’ title deed, 300,000 Doubloons