Publish 110

Publish 110

Test Center Release 1 – 03/03/2021

Origin, Izumo, Baja Release 1 – 3/10/2021

World Wide – 3/16/2021

Updates from TC1-Origin etc. to World Wide

Transmogrification Potion – Head

  • Mage armor can no longer be removed from transmogrified armor
  • The potion requires both source and destination objects to allow the use of the meditation skill (medable) or both block the meditation skill (non-medable)
  • Transmogrified armor will now maintain the source non-meditation properties
  • The “Transmogrified” tooltip will now identify the source armor
  • The potion is now able to select destination items that have the “mage armor” property
  • Items cannot be transmogrified multiple times
  • Only true-armor head-slot items are eligible for transmogrification
  • Resolved issue where Helm of Swiftness would revert back to its original state upon server maintenance

Veteran Rewards

  • Resolved client issues related to to spellbook strap

Dynamic Rewards

  • Adjusted the Wildfire Ostard to spawn as a 3-slot pet

Veteran Rewards

  • Monster Statuettes
    • Mummy – 2 Year
    • Snow Elemental – 2 Year
    • Yew Tree – 6 Year
    • Black Gate – 8 Year
  • Spellbook Strap – 3 Year
    • Blessed container to accept only spellbooks
    • Holds up to 25 spellbooks
    • When a player dies, all contents will remain in the spellbook strap
    • Spellbooks can be used to cast spells while in this sub-container
  • Runebook Strap – 3 Year
    • Blessed container to accept only runebooks & runic atlases
    • Holds up to 25 books
    • When a player dies, all contents will remain in the runebook strap
    • Runebooks can be used while in this sub-container
  • Gargish Totem of Essence – 7 Year
    • Produces Imbuing Essences at 1/week up to 10
    • Can be dyed with regular, pigment, and promotional dyes
  • Vet Reward Title
    • 22 Year – Pioneer of the Second Age


Black Market Rewards

These will be available for testing on TC1 and will follow a staggered release on Production.

  • Fellowship Medallion
  • Pirate Chest
    • Transitions between open/closed state when used
    • When locked down or secured will display treasure in the open state
    • Can only be adjusted using the interior decorator while in the closed state
    • Can be dyed with regular, furniture, promo, and pigment dyes
  • Peculiar Coconut
    • When locked down or secured and then double clicked will become one of several new varieties of palm trees
  • Orchids
    • Available in 1 of 8 common hues with a chance at 1 of 8 rare hues
  • Titles
    • Landlubber
    • Sea Wasp
    • First  Mate
    • Pirate Lord
  • Hook’s Shield
    • Spell Channeling
    • Defense Chance Increase 15%
    • Spell Damage Increase 10%
    • Faster Casting 1
    • Fire Resist 10%
    • Poison Resist 10%
  • Pirate Shield Recipe
    • Carpentry

Dynamic Events Updates

  • In Felucca, items delivered via Dynamic Treasures events will now drop to the ground if there is no space free in the player’s backpack
  • Resolved issue where monsters could become stuck at inaccessible locations during Dynamic Treasures events

Dynamic Events Rewards

These will become available via various Dynamic Events throughout the year.

  • Wildfire Ostard Statuette
    • Must be Grandmaster Animal Taming to claim pet from statuette
    • A majestic greenish/yellow Ostard
    •  3 -> 5 Slot Pet
    • Poisoning Ability
    • Functions Similarly to a Bane Dragon
    • Eats standard Ostard Foods
    • Pack Instinct

Pages of Lore

To enhance our ability to bring in-game narratives to life we now support multiple pages in the Book of Lore.  These pages of lore must be placed in a newly created Book of Lore, which will be available from dynamic events.

Ultima Store Items

  • Transmogrification Potion – Head Slot
    • This potion will allow the transfer of properties from one head slot item to another head slot item.
    • Properties cannot be transferred to head slot items that are imbued or have any existing magical properties.
    • The resulting item can not be imbued, reforged, or enhanced.
    • Not available on Siege Perilous
  • Transmogrification Potion – Shield Slot
    • This potion will allow the transfer of properties from one shield slot item to another shield slot item.
    • You cannot convert shield-slot parry items to shield-slot non-parry items and vice-versa
      • E.g.  You cannot transmogrify the properties of a Dupre’s Shield to a candle.
    • The potion will not work on weapons that otherwise fit into the shield slot
    • Properties cannot be transferred to shield slot items that are imbued or have any existing magical properties.
    • The resulting item can not be imbued, reforged, or enhanced.
    • Not available on Siege Perilous
  • Pet Castle
    • House-addon that functions similarly to a hitching post
    • Can be dyed with regular, pigment, and promotional dyes
  • Enchanted Soulstone Vessel
    • Can store up to 20 large soulstones of the non-fragment type obtained via the Ultima Store and as Veteran Rewards
    • Becomes account bound once the owner secures it within a house
    • Only the owner will be able to access the contents
    • Blessed
    • Counts as one lockdown regardless of how many soulstones are contained within

Vendor Search Updates

  • Endless Journey accounts can no longer use the item name search
  • Endless Journey accounts will now receive a 60-second cooldown between searches
  • All item name searches are now limited up to three words
  • Updated error messaging
  • Database maintenance

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Replaced the Stackable Exchange container South of Premiere Gems in Britain
  • Placed a trashcan near the entrance to Shadowguard
  • The Artisan Festival has been cleaned up
  • Improved pet messaging when loyalty drops
  • Endless Journey accounts are now restricted to the help chat channel

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where the advanced mannequin would not display any information
  • Resolved issue where prefab Castle & Keep designs with house teleporters would stop working, this can be resolved using the house sign to refresh them and can be done 1/week
  • Resolved issue where the tabard could not be embroidered
  • The particle effect for the mage spell Invisibility now matches in both clients
  • Spellbooks now function properly with the arm macro
  • Resolved issue where pets could obtain illegal stats
    • Illegal stats will be adjusted and randomly re-assigned based on the default range for each stat
    • Adjusted pets will keep their skill training and the scrolls that have been applied to them
  • Resolved issue with pet Bane Dragon AI not using mana for abilities
  • Resolved issues where infused throw, dismount, and riding swipe would not un-toggle when dismounting/landing each now have a short cooldown before they can re-toggled
  • Bushido Evasion PvP: every evade is now subject to diminishing returns