Additional Quests for New Characters

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Although these quests pre-date the Mondains Legacy expansion they were changed slightly to allow them to use the new quest engine.The ‘craftsman’s satchel’ reward contains simple items relating to the craft trained.

Take the quest by double clicking the npc. Craft the required item, mark the item as a quest item through use of the option in your character’s context menu, double click the npc again to have the items removed from your inventory and receive the reward.


Training Quests

NPC name
Quest Title
item required
reward – (contents)
Andric the Archer Trainer Archery Butts, West of Old Haven Split Ends 20 Arrows Craftsman’s Satchel – 10 feathers & a fletching tool
Asandros the Chef The Gentle Rest (Inn) Baker’s Dozen 5 Cookie Mix Craftsman’s Satchel – a sack of flour & a skillet
Clairesse The Servant Finely Woven (Tailor Shop) A Stitch In Time 1 Fancy Dress an old ring & an old bracelet
Gervis the Blacksmith Trainer Mining Camp, South of the Moongate Battered Bucklers 10 Bucklers Craftsman’s Satchel – 10 ingots & a smith hammer
Hargrove the Lumberjack The West Mill Chop, chop, on the double 60 Logs Craftsman’s Satchel – 15gp & a hatchet
Kashiel the Archer Archery Butts, West of Old Haven I shot an arrow in the air Kill 10 Sheep bag of trinkets
Lowel the Carpentry Trainer The West Mill Comfortable Seating 1 Straw Chair Craftman’s Satchel – 10 boards & a dovetail saw
Lyle the Mage South Side of the Town Square The Pen is Mightier than the Sword 5 Recall Scrolls A book bound in red leather
Mugg the Miner Mining Camp, South of the Moongate More Ore Please 5 Iron Ore Craftsman’s Satchel – 2 pickaxes
Nibbet the Tinker Springs and Things (Tinker Shop) A Clockwork Puzzle 5 Clock Parts Craftsman’s Satchel – 3 random parts & tinker tools *
Norton the Fisher Haven Dock Delicious Fishes 5 Green Fish 3 peppercorn fishsteaks
Sadrah the Courier At the Bridge, far South Old Haven Flee and Fatigue 10 Refresh Potions Craftsman’s Satchel – 10 bloodmoss & a mortar and pestle

* This quest rarely gives reverse barrel hoops