Hawkwind The Timelord

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A Time for Legends


Hawkwind the time lord is found close to the eastern edge of the circle surrounding the Valley of Eodon Moongate. The reward for the quest he offers provides the basic book to contain the skill masteries and a tier 1 mastery primer for a chosen skill. This quest uses the Classic quest engine.


Should you accept Hawkwind’s quest you will be given a list of masteries from which to choose your prize:


Hawkwind will then set you a task to complete. You will be asked to defeat a specific foe chosen from a list which includes all champions, peerless monsters and scalis.


If you feel the task is beyond your powers, either alone or with guild/alliance mates you may cancel the quest and try for a less intimidating foe later, do not return for at least an hour, or the same task will be offered.