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Ritual Quest Chain

You will find Prugyilonus beside Queen Zhah in the throne room of the palace, he gives three quests, they are part of an extended quest chain of which the final, fifth, part cannot be completed by a solo player.

Scales of a Dream Serpent – His Message

Greetings adventurer. Our queen has need of your services again, should you be willing to come to her aid.

As you may know, her Majesty has spent the past thousand years diligently researching ways in which she could defeat the Defiler. I have personally assisted her in this effort and we have discovered a rutual which will maginfy the cleansing magic that she originally used against him, potentially breaking the barrier that protects teh Defiler’s body from harm.

The ritual is ancient, dangerous, and requires many obscure components that are not easy to obtain. Her Magesty has been successful in acquiring all but five of them over the years but, now, time is running out and she has asked me to task you with their acquisition. I have been profvided with a list of the five remaining components and would like you to obtain them.

The first component that I require is a handful of scales from a Dream Serpent.

Dream Serpents are mischievous but benevolent creatures that live off of magical energy. The are extremely rare and hard to catch, preferring to live in the realm of dreams rather than the physical realm. However, there is one location within the kingdom that you may find one.

Journey once again to the Southwestern Flight Tower. On your way to the Athenaeum, you may have noticed a clearing surrounded by four hillocks. This location is an intersection of ley lines which run throughout Ter Mur. Ley lines are energized, concentrated strands of magical energy and thus they are irresistible to the creatures. If my calculations are correct you should find a serpent and be able to interact with the creature. Heed my warning, adventurer; you should not seem to harm the beast. Offensive tactics must be avoided at all costs, as these magical beings help keep the very energy of Ter Mur harnessed and in balance. Speak with the creature and ask for its aid, but do not harm it. When you have acquired the scales, return to me and I shall reward you and guide you towards the second component.

On reaching the Dream Serpent you will find that he has a quest of his own that you must perform in order to be given the quest item you seek.


Catch Me If You Can – His Message

Oh, have you come to see me?

This is wonderful! I haven’t spoken to a mortal in so long. It can get pretty droll here in the realm of dreams, and I have no one to play with! There aren’t many of us left.

What’s that? You want something?

My scales! Ha ha! You mortals are so silly, always after something or other.

Well, I’ll happily give you some scales if you agree to play a game with me! I love games, don’t you?

The game is simple: if you can hit me 6 times, then you win! Take this stone and step into the circle here. Then, use the stone and it will take you to my favorite place to play!

So, shall we play? Excellent! Be sure to put away your pets before you teleport with me!

Single click Bexil for a context menu allowing you to stable a pet. You will find you have a Dream Serpent Charmds_charm in your pack which has a lifespan of 24 hours (86400 seconds). Double click the charm to be teleported to the serpent’s ‘playground’. With empty hands you must now hit the creature six times as it teleports around the area. If you fail to do this before he declares ‘time’s up’simply click the charm and start again.

Successful completion of this quest will earn you the dream serpent scales. Mark them as a quest item and return to Prugyilonus


Tears of a Soulbinder – His Message

I fear I must now send you to convene with a creature that may not prove as willing to help as the ones you have encountered previously, my friend. I require the crystallized tear of a Soulbinder, a malevolent creature that prefers to roam the desolate edges of Ter Mur where the Void has consumed much of the area.

Spawned from the depths of the Abyss, the Soulbinder is a vile and disgusting creature that prefers to consume its victims alive, devouring their souls during its digestion. It is the spirit of its prey that nourishes the beast, and this hunger is the only thing the beast knows. I know not how you will cause one of these monsters to shed a tear, but I believe you are resourceful enough to find a way.

Journey to the northeast, and follow the twisting strips of land surrounded by the Void; you should be able to locate a path to the lair of this foul thing. I wish I could provide you with guidance regarding approaching the beast, but I have been unable to discern anything beyond its location. Be on your guard, adventurer, and be prepared to do battle should the beast prove hostile.

Once again you will find that your quest creature has his own agenda, a quest that you must complete in order to receive the item you require.

Filthy Lifestealers – his message


Ah, what do we have here?

Bah! I was so hoping you would be something other than a human, gargoyle, or elf. Do you know how many of them I have eaten? Your souls have filled me but, now, they are no longer appealing. You are in luck that I have recently eaten, however, or else I would have devoured you anyway.

You want something, yes? I can smell the desire for something on your soul. Desire used to be such a lovely dessert for me but now it is bland and droll.

My tears, eh? Ha! Such an odd request. But you have my interest piqued.

I’ll tell you what; do something for me and I will give you a bottle of tears.

In the northwest, walking the lava shores, is a creature that has vexed me for centuries. lifestealerAn old foe, the Lifestealer eats the hearts of its victims, consuming their essence in a similar fashion to how I consume their souls. Many times have I lost a victim to these inane creatures, and many times have I attempted
to exact my vengeance. Unfortunately, due to my corpulent nature, I am not as fast as they are and have failed in my desire to kill them. Wouldn’t it be poetic? A Soulbinder consuming a Lifestealer!

Go to the lava shores in the northwest, mortal, and kill the lifestealers you find there. When you have thinned them out, return to me and I will give you what you seek.

Lifestealers can be found in the lava area in the far Northwest of Ter Mur, kill 10 of them to statisfy Grubbix.

Mark the bottle of tears as a quest item and return to Prugyilonus

Pristine Crystal Lotus – His Message

Now, you must traverse the northern desert. On the far edge, you will find a teleporter similar to that which you took to the Athenaeum Isle. This will take you to a barren, small, and twisted piece of land that was long ago drained by the Void.

The next component will be found there: a pristine crystal lotus. Long ago, what is now desert was a beautiful field of these flowers. Sadly, the Defiler’s magic drained the land of life and energy, causing the land to become the wasteland it is today. However, one bloom remains, and it is that bloom you must acquire for me.

In my research, I discovered that Queen Zhah’s predecessor, King Trajalem, had the only surviving bloom placed within a protective barrier on the island I am directing you to. No one knows exactly why he did so, but I have journeyed there myself and seen it with my own eyes. Unfortunately, I was not able to discern how to break the barrier protecting the lotus.

The lotus stands on a pedestal surrounded by a configuration of magical tiles. I feel that these tiles are the key to breaking the barrier and obtaining the bloom. However, their secret eluded me. What I was able to discover through research is that you must speak the words ‘I seek the lotus’ to activate the tiles. Additionally, if you do manage to satisfy the secret of the tiles, you must state ‘Give me the lotus.’

Journey to the area, my friend, and please obtain the lotus. If anyone can do it, I have faith that it is you.

Be well, and I look forward to your return.

The map below shows the location of the teleporter to reach this island, the green dot marks the location of the magical tiles.


Once you reach the magical tiles say the words ‘I seek the Lotus’ to begin. You will need to watch the movement of the white tile. Note which colors it covers and where then repeat the sequence. Some sequences are longer than others but there is no limit on the number of attempts you may make and no time limit, except on the individual attempts, just keep going till you succeed. Those with as poor a memory as the author of this article would be well advised to wait for the shorter, 4 hop, sequences. When you finally have completed enough sequences you may claim your prize by saying ‘Give me the Lotus’.


Mark the lotus as a quest item and return to Prugyilonus. You may finally claim the prize for this portion of the quest chain, the second book and the Ter Mur Snowglobe.

book_II termur_globe

Completion of this chain also gives access to parts four and five of the chain, which are given by Linzrom The Guard Captain