The mailbox is a highly useful item for communities allowing people to leave items or books with messages for characters who are offline or busy elsewhere in game. Originally a gift item for the 12th anniversary they are now available from the clean up Britannia system at a cost of 1,000 clean up points.

To function the mailbox must be placed in a house that is accessible. This means if your house is private only friends, coowners or people who have been granted access can use it. Therefore it is preferable that the house should be set ‘public’. Privacy of your house can still be maintained through the security menus on doors and teleporters

Place the mailbox in a convenient location and use the instruction ‘I wish to secure this’. The mailbox will not function if you use instead ‘I wish to lock this down’. The security setting denotes who is able to take items out of the box, therefore set this to ‘owner’ ‘co-owner’ or ‘friend’.

Any player may now place items in the box; when they do the ‘flag’ will raise as illustrated in the image above, notifying you that there are items in the box to be removed. The flag will remain up as long as the items remain in the box. The sender’s name appears on the item while it is in the box and for a short time after it is removed, as illustrated right.

In terms of storage the mailbox works as any other secure container in your house, there is no weight limit but a 125 item limit and the items do count towards your house lockdowns. If your house is at lockdown limit you cannot receive mail!

Two decorative mailboxes were added in January, 2019 with a further two in May, November and December available from Ultima Store at a cost of 400 sovereigns each.