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flintFlint is found in the furthest of the rooms housing the human pioneers. He has two quests, chained.


Thieves Be Afoot

Travel into the Underworld and search for the stolen barrels of barley. Return them to Quartermaster Flint for your Reward.

Hail Traveler. Trying to find the fabled Stygian Abyss are ye? I say good luck an’ be weary for I believe there to be a den o’ thieves hidden in them halls! Aye, just last night I lost four barrels o’ Barley. I know they be sayin’ that none but critters live in them halls, but I’ve looked every place I dare and seen no sign o’ me barrels. Hope them lazy Society folk got a good nap last night, cause they wan have any o’ me fine Barley based products unless we get those barrels back! I canne believe none of them loafers who was guarding the door saw nothin! Oy it maks me so mad, I must not think of it and control me temper… It’s a frickin’ barrel of Barley! How could they miss seeing it??? Sorry… I don’ mean ta be takin’ it out on ye. Tell you what friend. You find those barrels and I will pay you for bringing them back. There be some nasty stuff in thar, so if’n ye bring back all four, I have somethin’ special I will share with ye!

Flints barrels can be found in the halls of the Green Goblins, on the Western side of Underworld.


Flints_Pungent_BrewCollect four barrels and mark them as quest items, return to Flint. As a reward for completing this quest you will be given a bottle of ‘Flint’s Pungent Brew’


Travel into the Underworld and find Flint’s stolen log book. Return to Flint with the Log book for your reward.

Ye will not be believin’ what misfortune has befallen me now! No sooner have I gotten me Barley back, those goblins have gone and taken me log book! How in the two dimentions am I supposted to keep up with all of tha supplies with no log book? Of course, those lay about guards dinna see anything! Listen,ye’ve been a blessin’ to ol’ Flint in tha past so I wanta make ye another offer. If’n ye will bring ol’ Flint’s book back ta ‘im, I will give ye a keg o’ me special brew!

Return to the halls of the Green Goblin and find the book on a table in the furthest room.


Mark the item as before and return it to its rightful owner, you will be rewarded as promised.Keg_Flints_Pungent_Brew

However Flint also gives this cryptic warning:

‘Ave ye laid hold to ol’ Flint’s log book did ye? Let me ‘ave a look here! Bloomin’ savages! They dog eared one o’the pages and bent the corner o’ me cover! Blast! Well, that’s not fer you to be worrying about. Her be yer pay as promised a keg of me brew fer yer own. This keg is special made by me own design, ye can use it to refill that bottle I gave ye. My brew is too strong for normal bottles, so I hope yoe listened to ol’ Flint and kept that bottle.