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Possible Gifts

1999 Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Bag: a bag, red, a card, Champagne Flute, conversation candies, A full bottle of Pink Champagne
2000 A Whispering Rose, A full bottle of Pink Champagne
2007 A Red Velvet Box, a slice of blessed bacon, a rose in a vase, 10 cards
2008 Gift Box containing one of the following:
Stuffy Bear, Stuffy Dwagon, Stuffy Horse, Stuffy Mongbat.
White and Pink Cards ,
2009 picnic baskets, Valentine Cards, a Slice of Bacon, Dark, milk or white Chocolate, throbbing heart.
2010 Animated box: Chocolates
A Tall Gift Box: A freshly Picked Rose
2011 Picnic Basket, St Valentine Bear
2012 Red Basket, Cupid’s Arrow 2012, Cupid Statue
2013 Bouquet of Roses in a vase
2014 A Puppy Raised By [name],
A Kitten Raised By [name]
2015 Valentine’s day picnic basket, champagne bottle, 2 champagne flutes, freshly picked rose, food items.
2018 Heart-shaped pillow, table with candle, 4 chairs
2022 The Royal Taste Tester Suit of Armor

  • Available February 14, 2022 through March 2, 2022 via reward giver
  • Provides a “Friendship Rose” once per week
  • Available in 5 common and 1 rare colors
2023 Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge themed stuffys to celebrate the season of love!

  • Lord Blackthorn, Dasha, Queen Dawn