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Spellweaving is the spellcasting skill of an Arcanist, it is markedly different from magery. The arcanist is able to summon powerful forces of nature and manifest them into various spell effects. To attain the full power of his art the Arcanist must work in concert with others to cast an ‘arcane focus’. This need for co-operative effort is one of the features which sets Spellweaving apart from other spellcasting schools.¬†An Arcanist having the Spellweaving Mastery active is able to cast a lesser focus alone.

The first difference you will encounter is the inability to select spellweaving as a starting skill. You must first prove yourself worthy to be taught by the elves of Heartwood or Sanctuary. This is achieved by undertaking the quest Learning the Ways of the Arcanist. The reward for successful completion is the spellbook you will need for this new skill and the two essential scrolls, arcane circle, and gift of renewal

Two further scrolls can only be obtained by completing quests, these are ‘summon fiend‘ and ‘summon fey‘. All other spells must be looted from monster corpses in specific dungeons or bought from player vendors. These dungeons are:

  • Bedlam
  • Blighted Grove
  • Citadel
  • Labyrinth
  • Palace of Paroxysmus
  • Painted Cave
  • Prism of Light
  • Sanctuary
  • Twisted Weald

The most popular of these for gathering spellweaving scrolls are the troglodytes in Painted Cave, Miasma in Labyrinth or Swoop in Twisted Weald. The latter two have more frequent drops, but are not recommended for a training character. Try Vendor Search to locate spells being sold by players.

Spellweaving spells do not clear your hands when you cast; you do not need spell channeling equipment to keep your equipment in hand, nor do they consume reagents. Spellweaving is affected by faster casting and faster cast recovery equipment but not by inscription skill. No spellweaving spells are ‘direct damage’ spells so no item with ‘slayer’ property is effective.