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map-known-worldThinking of returning to Sosaria?

Welcome home.

To return you will first need to recover your account. This video created by the UO team will lead you through the steps required.

The next step is to download your choice of client, if you are strictly ‘old skool’ you will probably favour the classic client, while if you have become used to more advanced user interfaces with hotbars you may prefer the enhanced client. Both client download links can be found here.

While you wait for the game to install here are the main points of what you have missed over the last few years, in reverse chronological order.

Publish 92 adds the quest chain ‘Valley of One‘ to Eodon

Time of Legends expansion introduces the Valley of Eodon, Shadowguard, Skill Masteries and House Craftables using Stone Crafting and Tinkering skills. Publish 90 also introduces the final two Virtues, Humility and Spirituality. The most significant, and noticeable change for a returning player in this publish is Currency Conversion.

Publish 88 brought the Huntmaster’s Challenge
Publish 87 introduced the Treasures of Doom Halloween event. Although not currently active further seasonal additions to this event are intended.
Publish 86 replaced the old faction system with Vice versus Virtue

Publish 85 added a new dungeon below Castle Blackthorn in Britain.
Publish 83 The Exploring the Deep quest chain introduces players to the BMV Ararat
Publish 82 brings significant changes to house rules as applied to Siege Perilous. The King’s Collection theme pack becomes available for purchase.
Publish 81 sees the first City Elections, a significant revamp of weapons special moves, a change to the basic properties of armor and the addition of Armor Refinement.

Publish 79 Brings the Exodus Encounter and New Haven Mine
Publish 78 sees the opening of Fortune’s Fire Casino
Publish 77 Britannia Loyalty becomes interactive
Publish 76 Dungeon Covetous is revamped
Publish 74 Dungeon Wrong is revamped

Publish 73 Arenas are added and Dungeon Shame is revamped.
Publish 72 Clean Up Britannia becomes a permanent feature and Honesty virtue is introduced.
Publish 70.0.4 Magincia Bazaar arrives also two ‘theme packs’ Gothic and Rustic become available for purchase.
Publish 70 Magincia is rebuilt following a public lottery to raise funds (player housing)

Publish 68 High Seas Booster released. Major changes to fishing and ships; pirate quests and new monster encounters: Corgul the Soulbinder, Scalis Enforcer and
Publish 67 Treasure Map locations randomised
Publish 66 Barding Masteries introduced

Publish 63 Gave UO what many other games already had, Global Chat.
Stygian Abyss Expansion (publish 60) gave us the Gargoyle as a player character type choice, and the new skills Throwing, Imbuing and Mysticism. It also gave us the Gargoyle homeland of Ter Mur and the biggest and most intricate dungeon ever added to UO; the Stygian Abyss.